Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow Review of 2021 – Is It The Best Cart To Invest For?

Like any other wheelbarrow, the Worx Aerocart wheelbarrow is made for carrying garden goods. So why would anyone but this one specifically? Only because its infomercials appear on TV every other five min during different shows? No, not really. In this Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow review article, we are going to talk about all the features, work-ability, good and bad sides of the product. So, as a consumer and our valuable reader you could get the info you need to decide either this wheelbarrow best for your energy, time, and money or not.

Essential Features of Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow

Here are some features of the Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow that we found extremely useful. Such as,

Use of Quality Materials

Worx Aerocart 2-Wheeled Wheelbarrow

First of all this cart is made in China. But that does not mean it’s a lack of quality. Infect your doubts will vanish once you inspect and use the yard-cart in real. The steel quality and construction are overall very satisfying. The body of the wheelbarrow is solid. The joints and screws are well fitted and never lose their strength upon heavyweight. However, we still found some downside like the color quality of the cart. The paint on the cart is not that durable. It will chip out over time.

High Loading Capacity

This best wheelbarrow from Worx has a high loading capacity comparison to another yard cart. The entire cart can hold up to 300 lbs at a time. Although, the tub capacity is around three cubic ft. you can quickly load on things like wood, rocks, bricks, dirt, or anything you want.

Easy Manageable

The yard cart is more convenient because of its design. It weighs about 48 lbs, but when you load different things on it. The cart does not feel that heavy during the push. A full 250 lbs cart feels like 17 lbs. So, you can move things multiple times with the cart without getting tired. That will be lighter for your joints and back especially. But remember it’s an average size cart. Usually, regular carts have six cubic ft. tub capacity and are a bit larger in height. That is why it is most suited for the average height of people. If you are a person more than 5.8” you will feel discomfort with it while pushing.

High Adaptability

The thing a user will like most about this Aerocart wheelbarrow is its high adaptability. You can use it with a yard cart along with a dolly. Also, its extension arms could be usable carry accessories like, mulch bags, flower pots, watering can, straw bales, and so on. As per the manufacturer’s statements, the attachments and accessories allow the wheelbarrow to work as eight carts.

So you can use it like a hand truck, cylinder holder, potted plant mover, rock lifter, bag holder, wheelbarrow, and the addition dolly.


Some other things that we want to mention are the assembling and tires. The cart includes two tires and very great at the stable the Aerocart. They keep the cart stable and upright even with the uneven organization of goods. Another hand the aircraft need to the assembly at home.  You need to attach two wheels with the main body. Other things are connected to the body from the factory.

Worx Aerocart 2-Wheeled Yard Cart

Overview of Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow

  • Tires- oversize non-inflatable tires.
  • Handle- two handles with firm rubber grips.
  • Usable as a dolly, flower pot mover, trailer mover, cylinder carrier, bag holder.
  • Accessories- Flowerpot strap, bag holder, mesh rock mover, cylinder holder.
  • Weight capacity- 300 lbs.
  • Dolly load capacity- 300 lbs.
  • Product dimension- 42 x 12 x 18 inches.
  • Weight- 42 lbs.

Positive Aspects
  • Very versatile, can carry well in many ways.
  • Included dual wheels offer extra stability.
  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • Lightweight and easy to push.
  • Maximum weight capacity.
  • Accessible to converts in dolly and others.
Negative Aspects
  • The tub of the wheelbarrow is quite small.
  • Not so comfortable for the tall-height of users.
  • Solid tires make pushing the wheelbarrow somewhat tricky.
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What this wheelbarrow made of?

Hard steel with paint.

Is the wheelbarrow rust and scratchproof?


What is the size of the tires?

3 inches across and 10 inches in diameter.

Final words

This wheelbarrow is ideal for places where space storage is short. Its easy fordable choice let you squeeze in an area where you can’t fit the regular size of a wheelbarrow.  With high load capacity, multipurpose usage- this product is an efficient option for loading different things. However, this one has some of the other facilities offered by the manufacturer. You get 60 days of money back guaranty and three years of warranty with this product. But conditions apply. This is the Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow Review. If you want to purchase this for your garden make sure you read the condition clause carefully. Overall, it’s a good garden tool for short to an average height of people.