VIVOSUN Air Filtration Kit Review – Best Air Purification System For Grow Tent

VIVOSUN Air Filtration Kit is quite useful for maintaining the environment of grow tents. Therefore,  we decided to make a review of it for our indoor gardeners. So, keep reading.

A high-quality air filter could make a lot of impact on your tent gardening. With the proper ventilation system, a useful air filter, the ducting system is mandatory. Vivosun has a Carbon filter and inline fans and both of these combinedly works to filter the air. This best carbon filter plays the most important role for odor management. Unlike all other carbon filters, Vivosun carbon filter is work efficiently for a long time.

Important Features

VIVOSUN is the most reliable filter which is the best suited for small-mid size grow tent. The Vivosun package comes with all necessary kit is such as ducting with clamps, mesh carbon filter and 2500 RPM inline fan. The kit is easy to assemble too. Some other features make this purification system more unique. Such as:

Best Filtration System

For the filtration system, virgin charcoal has been used in Vivosun carbon filter. This filtration system ensures 100% filtered airflow. The reversible base and flange are an essential part of this carbon filter. A carbon filter is quite crucial for controlling foul odor.

When you use nutrients, fertilizer, and pesticides for growing plants, the environment produces gas which leads to bad smell. The carbon filter destroys the other molecules from the air and removes the smell along with other microbiological objects. The chances of producing bacteria and insects lessen in large quantities. This filter controls the humidity from the air and cools down the temp.

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Low Noise Level

We all know that fan creates noise. The sound relates to fans’ speed. If the speed is high, the sound could be louder. If the speed is low, the sound is eventually less, but still, some of the filter systems make noise no matter what speed you run.

The carbon filter and inline fan of Vivosun that used to purify the air- include unique mechanisms that keep the entire kit entirely.

Its Inline fan is much gentler even after years of use. The sound cannot be heard from another room. It’s more like a table fan-type sound, not complete quite or bothersome either.

Easy Setup

It comes with 4 Inch Inline Fan (6 Inch and 8 Inch also available) for the kit, and it is quite useful for your grow tent. The ventilation system of the kit is splendid. More importantly, the kit is beginner-friendly. That means one can set it up just by following the instruction.

You can hang the filter using the belts (included) or just set the fan on a table or rack where it can catch the air most. The fan, motors, carbon filters are fully set. All you need is to join the power cord, ducting and clumps.

Storing & Durability

This air filtration kit is powerful enough to catch maximum dirt from the air. Every part of it comes with powerful features. Plus, these are made of high-quality materials to perform a more extended period.

Like, the ducting and two clumps that come with the kit are made of aluminum and stainless steel respectively. These are flexible and support heavy-duty triple-layer duct walls easily.  The PET core of the kit is a sandwich between the fire-retardant aluminum. This material can handle them below 22 to 266F.

For the air filter, it has activated carbon (1050+RC 48). This is the best quality carbon currently available in the market which 100% filter the airflow no matter how badly polluted it is.

So, there are no chances of replacing any kit within a short time. According to the most or real user’s review, the kit is used for more than two years confidently.


The inline fan is the best suited for growing an indoor plant. The inline fan of this model usually is temperature resistant, long-lasting, and environment-friendly. The coating of the Vivosun 4-inch fan is flame retardant. Overall, this fan is usable in the canopy, greenhouse, lab rooms- everywhere.

Vivosun, air filtration kit, is essential for growing vegetables, cannabis, and flowers, and another category of plants. The carbon filter is used for reducing odor outside of the room. The size of the carbon filter is different. You can adjust the carbon filter based on your fan or duct.

Remove Maximum Pollutants

Air purifier kit is the most potent. These are designed to keep the growing plants free from all types of gram-negative microscopic elements. In the grow tents, various types of viruses, the odor can be produced over time. After that, these are spread in the rest of the house.

That is why using the kit is mandatory for keeping safe your house environment. In the grow tent, Bacteria, Viruses, Plant Spores, Fungi, Dust, Dust mites, Toxin, Odor are common issues. By installing the Vivosun air filtration kit, one can grow plants without any of these problems. So, every grows planter need to consider having the best air filtration kit.

  • The quality inner and outer mesh allows more airflow than others.
  • Works for both exhaust filter and intake filter.
  • Comes in four and six-inch sizes.
  • Efficient to keep the air clean.
  • Don’t make noise while on.
  • Fully assembled
  • Durable product.
  • Some user complaints about unexpected vibration.

VIVOSUN Air Filtration Kit

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Finally, all we want to say that an indoor grow tent with a filtration system is quite helpful for keeping the environment odor free and fresh. The powerful inline fan with carbon filter like Vivosun maintains these things better. So, considering these matters, the VIVOSUN Air Filtration Kit is the best choice for your grow tent.

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