VIVOSUN 2-In-1 Mylar Reflective Grow Tent Review

VIVOSUN is one of the famous brands of grow tent. The brand has a massive collection of different types and sizes of tents for everyone. Most of the people choose to grow tent for two reasons – one growing plants (of course!) and lack of space outside for gardening. Maybe that is the reason we have to tend to get small tents to keep in the room or the basement. But small size does not fill the need for gardeners or plants always.

That is why it’s time to get an update and a bigger version. The VIVOSUN 2-In-1 Mylar Reflective Grow Tent is a mid-size tent with lots of spacing and compartments. You have the full option to organize your plants according to their sizes. There are lots of other features that make it worth your investment.

After going through the Best Vivosun Grow Tent Reviews, it will be apparent that VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Mylar is the most suitable one for most of the users.

Essential Features of VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Mylar Reflective Grow Tent

Here are some crucial features of this grow tent that we notice during the research of it. Keep reading the Best Vivosun 2 in 1  grow tent review to learn them more.

Proper Control of Light

It is one of the top-notch grow tents. The reflective Mylar lining of the tent provides an adequate amount of light. This lighting power is quite useful to grow plants. Without proper control of light, you cannot have the expected result from your grow tent. The 2 in 1 Mylar reflective tent is the most suited for having an extraordinary plant in an appropriate time.

Heavy-duty Metal Zippers

The zipper is an essential part of the tent. The heavy-duty SBS metal zipper keeps the growing environment protective. You feel always secured using the zipper of the VIVOSUN Grow Tent. But the zipper feels stiff at the beginning. After applying some machine oil, we solved this matter.

Smooth Installation

The installation of the VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Grow Tent is splendid. The sturdy metal poles help install the tent in no time. And that is the main reason to hold the overall shape well and sturdy. Anyone with basic knowledge of installing can set up the tent quickly.

Thick Canvas

The canvas of this 2 room grows tent is sturdy than all other canvas. It is tear-proof and also can survive from water and external light penetration. The thick canvas keeps the tent secure and stable. So, you can use the tent years after years without facing any trouble of wear or tear.

Frame Quality in VIVOSUN

VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Review

The frame is the backbone of a tent. The structure of the frame does not compromise reliability and quality. The Vivosun comes with metal poles. The free tool-free connectors are also part of the tent.

Reflection Capabilities

VIVOSUN grow tents are designed with high-quality materials. The interior Mylar fabric is quite reflective. It can reflect the light of more than 98%. As a result, the plants get enough photons even with the low capacity grow light panel. So, the combination of LED and the reflection of the Mylar let you have a great harvest.

Detail Work and Duty

The stitching of the canvas is quite strong and capable. The durability of this dual chamber grow tent is more extended than another tent. The perfect stitching prevents light leakage.

Every single part of the tent has a window. So it is clear that it comes with different configurations. Because of this, plant growers can keep open or close based on necessity. This customized option lets you control light, air, moisture, etc.

Safety Parameters

When you choose a tent, you have to give priority to safety. If you do not give preference to safety, unexpected incidents can happen at any time. The heat is one of the unsafe things that you are going to deal with when the grow light is on for a long time. So you must be choosing the plant shelter which frees from the risk of fire.

Vivosun plays the most active role in the spheres of safety. In this grow tent, there is no possibility overheating. The reflective Mylar balance the light and does not increase the inside temp. Also, the proper ventilation system, vent holes, and exhausting fans play a vital role in keeping the temp down.


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At a Glance

  • Materials: tear-proof 600D Canvas
  • Inside: 98% reflective Mylar layer
  • Zipper: SBS Zippers
  • Floor Tray: Included
  • Vent Hole: Included
  • Light & waterproof: yes
  • Comes with an inner tool organizer
  • Entire size: 36″(L) x 24″(W) x 53″ (H)
  • Small section size: 12″(L) x 24″(W) x 53″ (H)
  • Large section size: 24″ (L) x24″ (W) x53″ (H)
  • Weight: 25.6 lbs
  • Compact size saves space
  • The sturdy extra thick canvas
  • Double stitched strong canvas
  • Light and water-proof tent
  • 98% reflective Mylar
  • Ventilation in the right place
  • Don’t get infected by insect very easily
  • The zipper feels little stiff at the beginning.


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Q- Is the self-height adjustable?

A- Yes, in the middle.

Q- What size of the filter goes with this tent?

A- 4-inch carbon filter.

Q- What is the best size of light that goes with this tent?

A- 600 Watts.

Q- Can this tent use as one single space by taking all the partitions?

A- Yes, very quickly.

Final verdict

Vivosun tent comes with several features that will help gardeners to get maximum yield. The window of the canvas is full, and the reflective Mylar of the tent keeps the amount of light under control. Without accurate light, your plant cannot grow properly. The tent comes with heavy-duty zipper material, and it is safe to use. Its thick canvas makes sure of longevity, and an easy installation process saves you lots of hassle.

Additionally, the quality of the Vivosun’s frame is uncompromised; it is sturdy and long-lasting. After going through lots of user reviews and comments, finally, when we got the chance to use the tent it was a satisfying experience.  We recommend using the VIVOSUN 2-In-1 Mylar Reflective Grow Tent for your indoor garden. Till then happy gardening!

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