TopoLite Grow Tent Complete Kit Review – Worth It Or Not?

When someone recalls a grow tent starter kit, you can obviously imagine a few stuff. The grow tent itself, the grow light, the fan-filter combo, and a few ducting- that’s it, right?

But not everyone has the same amount of given space to house the system. For every grower out there, the grow tent light combo should be with a number of size options to choose from. It starts from a single plant grow tent kit to a giant 10×10 hydroponic grow tent kit- and everything within.

And that’s what this TopoLite Grow Tent Kit has done for you.

Let’s go through the features and specs of the set below-

What’s Inside The Box?

Right after unboxing this grow tent complete kit, you’ll get these following items in hand-

  1. 24″X24″X48″- 48″X48″X80″ 600D made grow tent.
  2. A 300W-800W LED full spectrum to grow light.
  3. 4/6 inches inline fan with 189 CFM.
  4. 4/6 inches carbon filter with 1.5 inches carbon layer.
  5. Silver flex ducting of 25 feet.
  6. A couple of duct clamps.

Topolite grow tent kit: Product Overview

One of the rarest qualities of a grow tent kit is to be perfect for every size of indoor spaces. We mean, there are multiple options inside your apartment or home where you can grow. And all these options come with different floor sizes.

To help you out in picking up the right size, there are 12 different size options to choose from.

Starting from 24″X24″X48″(the one that we’ve picked up), there are 48″x48″x80″ of tents available. With increasing size, the flange diameter of the fan-filter combo, and the grow light power increases on a parallel basis.

Topolite Grow Tent

The 2x2x4 Topolite grow tent is the first item to talk about, and we’re pretty much satisfied at its built quality. The material used to manufacture this tent is a two-layer component. At the insider layer, there is a 96% reflective diamond polymer, and the outside part is made of 600D oxford cloth. As you know, oxford cloth has its ability to isolate the light inside the grow tent.

Convenient grow tents are with fixed containing capacities, and this one is no exception. Inside such a tent, you can easily grow 4 small size plants and 2 medium-size plants. In case you need a higher size and larger floor area, there are 11 different options to choose from.

Topolite 300W-800W LED Grow Light

Moving forward from the tent to the Topolite grow light, we get to have the 300-800W LED light on the podium. Like any other good quality LED lights, this one will be with your plants throughout every stage of the growth. As you can see, there are some tips that you should stick to. One of them is, don’t use the light if you have a light cycle longer than 16 hours.

However, we’ve received a groundbreaking Topolite 300w led review. Hopefully, the buzz has reached out to you as well.

Topolite Fan-filter Combo

Apart from the light, the next important part of this complete hydroponic grow kit is the fan-filter combo. With the combo, you can keep bad smell and particles away from getting into the attention of your neighbors.

Setting up a grow system out of scratch takes its tolls. But this tent system and its parts almost complement each other. For easy Topolite grow tent setup, there are strong and thick frames. For setting up the fan filter combo with the venting system, there are a couple of clamps. So, you don’t have to put any extra effort after any setting kit or accessories.

However, you’ll receive a booklet with all essential topolite grow tent instructions on it. Bless yourself!

  • Comes with 24″X24″X48″- 48″X48″X80″ 600D durable tent.
  • A perfect system for low spacious indoor gardening.
  • Comes with a 600D standard grow tent.
  • Complete ducting solution with 25 feet silver flex ducting.
  • 4/6 inches flange fan-filter combo.
  • 300-800W full spectrum LED light.
  • Can enlighten your grow plants throughout every stage.
  • Coal-based activated carbon for smell control.
  • Leak-proof grow tent with full concealment.
  • Contains a number of venting options.
  • The ducting can help to set up the vent system both inside and outside.
  • The pre-filter of the carbon filter is not thick enough.
  • Over additional light use, the tent gets slightly warm.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1: Are there all sorts of setting accessories provided? I’ve heard in a Topolite grow tent review that some clamps are missing.

Yeah, almost. All you need to have is a couple of duct tapes and any extra setup for special plants.

Q2: How much dark cycle can be covered with the light?

With this light, you can sustain up to 16 hours of the light cycle.

Q3: How long is the ducting provided?

The ducting is sufficiently long with the 25 feet length of it.

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Bottom Line

So, that’s the wrap up of this Topolite grow tent kit review.  There had been a number of options to choose from the size variations of this indoor grow tent kit. So, selecting the right to grow tent set for your purpose won’t be a hard game at all. Rather, you will get a 360-degree grow tent full kit for your upcoming indoor growing project.

In case you need more options to chose from, check some more top rated grow tent kits as well.

Good luck!