TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit Review

It’s sweet when you see your grow plants to be overwhelmed with harvests. But as you know, it takes a lot of effort and hassle. Among which, finding the right grow system indoor components are at the top of the list.

To put up an end to your struggle of finding grow light, tent, frame, CO2 filter, and fan individually, TopoGrow had brought up something evolutionary- a grow tent complete kit of your dream!

Have a look at the Topogrow grow tent review and check out it’s worth-

What’s Inside The Box?

Before breaking the features down, let’s have a look at what items we have in this box-

  1. 32”x32”x63” (with variation) grow tent (1).
  2. 300-800Watt full spectrum LED light (1).
  3. Cooling fans (2).
  4. 4 inches inline fan of 189CFM.
  5. 4 inches carbon filter.
  6. 16MM White coated frame.
  7. Setup kit and accessories.

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Product Overview

As you’re already acknowledged, this set contains a grow tent, a powerful but compact grow light, a couple of cooling fans, a carbon filter, and other accessories. Here you go with the broken-down specs of each of them-

TopoGrow Grow Tent

At first glance, the biggest thing that you can get in this best grow tent kit set is the 32″x32″x63″ grow tent. For home growers who love to grow in the best healthy way possible, this tent can be the go-to option for you. In case you need smaller or bigger, they also have that options.

topogrow LED Grow Tent Kit


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The material of this tent is Diamond Myler, which is by the way, 100% reflective. Therefore, no countable light and heat loss will take place. On top of that, the tent is covered with a 600D oxford cloth, which ensures further durability of it.

To build up the skeleton of the tent, there is a 16MM metal rod with plastic connectors. Not to interrupt the light reflection, the rod comes with a coat of white paint.

On top of the whole tent, there are zippered connectors to ensure a perfect seal inside. But not in every way, when you need some ventilation or venting outside. There are a number of vents for that purpose. With the easy-to-follow TopoGrow grow tent assembly instructions, it’s no hard job to set them all together.

300-800W LED Grow Light

LED Grow Tent Kit

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Moving forward from the tent to the light, we’re amazed one more time. The 300-800W Led Grow Light that you get with it, comes to be full spectrum. So, you don’t have to go for new light sources when the cultivation stages of your grow plants change.

The light runs on 120W power, which is just regular household voltage output. The size of the light is very compact as well. So, what you will get is a complete source of light which will take less space to occupy and less electricity to run with.

4″ Carbon Filter-Fan Combo

Name a good quality grow tent kit with a carbon filter, TopoGrow will be there.
TopoGrow 4" Carbon Filter-Fan Combo

Apart from the light, there is a 4 inches fan filter combo in the box. For the sake of ventilation and smell control, this combo will be your frontier army. The fan is of 101W capacity, which can rotate at 189CFM at max. As it’s an inline fan, it’s fluted on both sides for duct connections.

The carbon filter is, therefore, one of the strongest selling points of this product. The zinc anodized steel housing will ensure a secure fit, while the high-quality Australian charcoal will trap the smelly particles right away.

The set is available in 6 more sizes, and you can choose your ones based on the amount of growing plants you’re planning to have.

  • A complete grow solution for low-end indoor growing.
  • Comes with a 32”x32”x63” 600D grow tent (with variations).
  • 300-800W light for all stages of any grow plants.
  • Complete seal and coverage of light and heat.
  • 4 inches fan filter combo for perfect ventilation.
  • Strong and sturdy 16MM frame.
  • A number of size variations to choose from.
  • Not a great fit for bulk growing indoor.
  • The filter may need to set outside due to lack of space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What grow cycles can I cover inside this tent and light system?

Answer: With the 300-800W full spectrum LED, you can feed your plants in every stage like a seedling, vegetation, flowering, germination, etc.

Question: Can I set the carbon filter outside the tent?

Answer: In case the top area of the tent is occupied by the light or reflector, you can set the filter outside the tent.

Question: Can I make holes in the tent for ventilation?

Answer: There are a number of venting holes provided along with this small grow tent complete kit. In case you need to create more, you can do that. But you are advised to maintain optimal precautions.

Question: Is it a perfect and complete hydroponic grow kit for basements?

Answer: No matter it’s the bedroom grow system, or the basement, this set from TopoGrow will be a perfect fit.

Bottom Line

So, that’s the wrap-up for today’s topogrow grow tent review. Hopefully, this grow tent full kit had been able to check every box for you. Good luck!