TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent Review – Is It Suitable For Better Yield

TopoGrow grow tent is exceptional for its unique features. The stable construction, highly reflective Mylar, 600D cloth makes the tent different from others. The canvas is perfect for seedling, vegetation, and blooming. This two-tire tent is quite helpful to grow your plant correctly. It is also the best grow tent for the money. If you feel interested in these two-tire grow tent, this Grow Tent Reviews will give you a clear concept.

Features of TopoGrow 2 in 1 Grow Tent

2-Tire Small Tent

Among all other features, the two-tire feature is impressive. It is the unique feature of this tent. In this tent, you can grow different sizes of plants. It is fit for both smaller and taller plants. First of all, you can keep the baby plants in the small parts. When the plant is taller, you can keep the plant in a more massive tent.

Stable Constructed Grow Tent

The grow tent is strong and sturdy. It is different than all other tents. The tent is designed with a 600D oxford cloth, so there is no doubt about its durability. It is one of the long-lasting grow tents. The construction is also stable. Its stitching of the canvas is strong enough. So it has no possibility of tearing the canvas. 

TopoGrow 2 in 1 Grow Tent Review

Waterproof Mylar Inside

The inner side of the tent is constructed with waterproof Mylar. It is 96% highly reflective. The tent offers maximum light replication that you need to maintain a proper growing environment. The Mylar helps to retain the light. It is quite helpful for the development of leaves and branches. If you spray water in your plant, the canvas may wet. But it does not keep any adverse effect on the canvas. The Mylar used in the canvas is waterproof. 

Safe to Use

The tent has an exterior zipper that keeps the tent safe. You can open or close the zipper according to your needs. The tent also contains multiple vents. These keep the tent maintain the proper moisture level and keep the temp down. 

Easy Installation

The tent is easy to install. If you are a fresh plant grower, it can be the right choice for you. Within a short time, you can install the tent. Overall, it is safe and better for both fresh and expert. Especially for fresher as they feel hassle to set up a tent.

Fit for Compact Area

You may want to grow different types of plants at home, but there is a problem of lack of space. This grow canopy could help you with that. The size of the grow tent is compact but well organized. You can keep different sized plants in different places in the same grow plants. It has been designed for maintaining various sections.

Spaces for Different Types of Growing

The tent consists of two-tire but also has three separate sections for different plants. Because of having different stages of development, you can use the canopy to grow different height plants.

CMH 315W Grow Light

The grow tent comes with a full-proof light spectrum. The heat of the light is close to the sunlight. Besides, you can use other LED grow light panels with this one for more area coverage. Its built-in fluorescent light ensures the maximum intensity for growing plants at different life stages.

  • 2 tire medium size of tent for all type of users
  • Stable and durable construction
  • Waterproof Mylar inside
  • Safe to use
  • Easy installation
  • Fit for compact area
  • This tent has pinhole leaks that allow light to get in through the stitching and the zippers.

How to Create the Perfect Environment with Grow tents?

Creating the perfect environments for specific species of plants at their particular life stage is much more comfortable inside a grow tent, rather than outside. Because in this artificial environment you can control the lights, air, irrigation, and other factors well. So, how better you could create that “Perfect Environment” for your plants to get the max harvest. Well, here are a few pointers to help you utilize your grow tent. The five factors you should consider to create the ideal growing environment are:


Light affects how your plants grow. The color spectrum of light, for example, can cause your plants to grow either bushy and squat or tall and lean. Some grow lights take advantage of a custom color spectrum that helps plants to grow as optimally as required.


Get the right temperature for your tent, so it is comfortable for your plants. Some plants will run into problems if the temperatures are either too low or too high.

Air Circulation & Exhaust

Ensuring that your plants have a cool breeze and plenty of fresh air makes your plants grow faster and optimally. Problematic air circulation or exhaustion could cause problems with pests and mold. Make sure the breeze is directed over and under the plants rather than sides or middle. Also, ensure the air is circulating the grow space.


You will get the most of the tent’s indoor grow lights by reflecting them on the plants. Use reflective material on the walls to maximize the light as it will bounce back to the plants. This allows you to get better yields from the same grow light without having to alter your environment.


Humidity will not cause many problems for your plants unless it is too low or high. However, there are ways to regulate the moisture for faster growth and better yields. As too much moisture causes mold, mildew, etc. make sure there is a breeze over the tent. Keep the humidity relatively low as you get closer to harvest.


We are at the end of TopoGrow tent review. This is one of the best grow tent with great benefits. Among all other features, the highly reflective Mylar performs a prominent role for plants development. The 600D cloth is also helpful to protect inside things and use roughly without any damages. Besides two tires tent provides extra advantages from the one tire tent. If you want different types of plants in your tent, the tent will be the best suited for you. This tent is also helpful for seeding and propagation. This tent is the right selection for you.