7 Best Maxsisun Grow Lights Review

Indoor gardens are many gardeners’ dream projects. But growing plants inside your house is tricky sometimes due to lack of sunlight. The easy and smart solution of natural light is Grow light. Among many other brands the Maxsisun working far better to develop different power of LED grow lights. They focus on creating full-spectrum lights with additional features. After doing a lot of research and development, they put all the efforts to create act lights which not only durable but also great for massive yield.

7 Best Maxsisun Grow Lights Review

Here are seven best LED grow lights from Maxsisun for an indoor garden. Here is the short description of them along with the positive and negative sides.

1. MAXSISUN 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

Here is MAXSISUN 300W led grow light that you could add into your grow tent. Here are the features of it.

MAXSISUN 300W LED Grow Light

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Low Power Consumption

This grow light is more energy-efficient than the traditional 250-watt lights. This Maxsisun led light spends only 130 watts of power. So, your electricity bill will not be that as it would be with a traditional grow light.

Good Exposure

This light offers a full spectrum that increases the veg and bloom rate. This 300w led light is perfect for any soil and hydroponics plants. From germination to ripe the fruits, the light is safe for all plants of all growing phase. Ideally, it covers a 2×2 ft. veg area and 1.5×1.5 ft. area.


The light also comes with two months of hassle-free return and 2 yrs of limited warranty.

  • Lightweight and easy to set up.
  • Ideal for using from germination to harvesting stage.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Strong and durable product.
  • Not dimmable.

2. MAXSISUN Timer Control 300W LED Grow Light

Here is another “full-proof” grow light that you use for your growing tent of room. Just make sure your plants are not red spectrum sensitive. Because this light has a high presence of red spectrum.

MAXSISUN 300W timer control grow light

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Light Timer

This MAXSISUN 300W LED Grow Light comes with a built-in controller that manages the brightness of the lights. You can get on VEG and Bloom channels individually. It also features a timer function to automatically on or off the light.

150% More Reflection

This light is made to provide more exposure. Its robust and compact reflector magnifies the PAR so the tent penetration could increase more.

Stimulate Plant Growth

This LED light works more efficiently to grow plants. It provides a full spectrum that enhances the metabolism of plants explicitly and helps healthy growth.

  • Comes with a timer controller for customize operation.
  • Comes with a strong, durable, and compact reflector.
  • Saves the power and your electricity bills.
  • Works excellent for vegetation to the blooming period.
  • Comes with two years of warranty.
  • Too much presence of red light might not ideal for some plants.

3. MAXSISUN Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light

MAXSISUN Dimmable light review

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For proper vegetation or blooming, you can use the 300w LED grow light from Maxsisun. This one has lots of features that make your home cultivation easier and gives a much satisfying result.

Good Area Coverage

This light is made for small grow tents. But it’s usable for the medium size of the tent also. This one could cover 3.5×3.5 ft max veg coverage from 24” height and 2.5×2.5 ft for bloom coverage at the same height.

Increase Canopy Penetration

The design of the light panel increases the canopy penetration through the compact reflector. It magnifies the PAR comparison to any traditional 250w or 300w hps/MH. And the center of the height the PAR value is 384-umol m-2 S-1. This point is 150% higher than your traditional grow lights.


The light comes with two years of customer warranty including 60 days of return garnet. So, if the light stop working or need anything to changes, you have the company support to do so, within this period.

  • Provides 63% red, blue 33%, and green 7%.
  • Includes light dimmer.
  • Two different options (knobs) for Veg and bloom.
  • The design of the light is modular so replacing the parts is very easy without opening that.
  • Comes with six high speed quite cooling fans for heat dissipation.
  • No need of attaching extra parts plug and play.
  • Price come under 100 dollars.
  • Possibly not enough blue spectrum which cause leggy or stretched plants.

4. MAXSISUN Timer Control 450W LED Grow Light

MAXSISUN Timer Control 450W

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If you need more power to cover a large area of your grow space, then here it’s, the MAXSISUN Timer Control 450W LED Grow Light. See what features it’s going to offer.

Full spectrum

The grow light offers full range improves explicitly the metabolic process of the plants. So, if you are using this light for indoor plants.

Timer controller

This grows light has an innovative timer controller that lets you on/off the light in the desired time and adjusts the brightness. It has an automatic program for the timer. So, you can set the time and leave the light unattended for a few more hours. It has two knobs and a remote controller for adjusting all the settings.

More efficiency

Like the other grow light of Maxsisun this one also has a special reflector to reflect the PAR. That is why you get a more significant yield for the same amount of light.

You can use it through the entire plant life stage. It’s daisy-chain capable. So you could link multiple lights unite at the same time using one wall socket.

  • Well-packaging.
  • Quite fans let the unit cool.
  • Large heat sinks.
  • Daisy chain capable.
  • Comes with three years of warranty.
  • Expensive product.

5. MAXSISUN 480W LED Grow Light

MAXSISUN LED Light Reviews

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An ideal grows light offers three basic things for maximum yield. Like, full spectrum, maximum PAR coverage, and a controller for vegetation and boom. And Maxsisun offers many more including these three. Let’s see what these are.

200% More PAR

Yes, you heard right. This 480w led light could provide 200% more PAR comparison to its other 300, 350, 450 watts model. The panel includes a 32-in-1 optic lens, durable construction. All these works better on magnifying PAR and raise the rate of canopy penetration.

Dual Switch

This LED grow panel includes two manual switches along with other control and power switch. These two switches are for vegetation and the blooming stage. Like you know you don’t need the entire spectrum during the plant’s life cycle. In order to get the best yield, you could control the light anytime just by one press of the button.

Versatile Light Panel

This light could cover a maximum 3×2 ft area from 24 height and bloom coverage 3×2 ft at 24” space. So, you could use it for any small to mid-size of the tent from a different height. If the tent height is high, use the rope ratchet for proper adjustment.

However, the light works well to grow the leaves, vines, flowers, and fruits. You can use it for any indoor plants or even some particular type of sensitive plants. Just make sure the lighting time is appropriate for those particular plants.

  • Have two switches for BEG and BLOOM mode.
  • Daisy chain capable.
  • Increase canopy penetration than the other 300 and 450-watts lights.
  • Low-power consuming.
  • Durable construction.
  • High speed multiple cooling fans for controls the heat.
  • No timer controller added.

6. MAXSISUN 600W LED Grow Light

MAXSISUN 600W Light Review

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So, here is another powerful light that perfect for mid to large size of tent or room. This one actually best for blooming flowers and grow fruits. This one comes with a more red spectrum so, if you could control the light, the possibility is you will get the best result from your plants all-round the year.

Draw Less Power

This is 600 watts grow light. It’s much powerful and efficient than any 300 or 450 watts of light. But compare than any other 600 watt MG or Hps light it draws around 276 watts of power. Which means the power consumption of the light is very low. As a result, your monthly electricity bill will stay in the budget even after 12+ hours of operation.

The Controller

This light panel has all the features to control the light lime, brightness, and pre-programmed settings. It has the dimming capabilities range from 0-100%. Thus you can choose the amount of light for the plants to receive at different life or growth stages. For more hassle, free operation just set the time via remote so the panel could automatically turn on/off.


This light unit is also capable of connecting with multiple light units. Use its daisy chain cable. So, you could join more than one light just by using one wall mount power outlet.

  • Comes with a convenient built-in timer.
  • Consume deficient power and minimize your electricity bill.
  • Useful for vegetation and especially for blooming.
  • Comes with two years of warranty.
  • Generate less heat even after 12+ hrs of operation.
  • Daisy chain capable.
  • The excessive red spectrum could be harsh for some plants.

7. MAXSISUN 1000W LED Grow Light

MAXSISUN 1000W Grow Light Review

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Last but not least. Our final Maxsisun grows light review for MAXSISUN Timer Control 1000W LED Grow Light. This is a full coverage high capacity light for home or commercial usage. This one might be cost you a little extra penny but definitely worth the price.

Powerful Grow Light

This is a 1000 watt light that could cover 4.5 sq ft area from 24 ft height. That is why it’s better for medium to the large size of grow tent. Also for flowering, it covers four sqr ft areas at the same height.

Low Power Consumption

This light works the same as other 100-watt metal halide light. But it would not spend this much power as MHL. It only draws 414 watts. That is why it limits the excess electricity bill comparison to any other sodium lights. The light is made of quality material and lasts very long. As per the company’s recommendations, the lifespan of the light is 100000 hrs. But its unusual settings and high-speed fan work so well that you could use it even after this limit.

Higher Efficiency

The light panel is less cumbersome. You don’t need any ballast to use it. Also, it could be usable for the entire life cycle of the plants. For better quality yield use the light as per the recommendation of timing and brightness provided by the manufacturer. There is a suggestion on the package or product description for seeding, vegetation, and flowering.

  • High-speed cooling fans cool-down the temp without making much noise.
  • Ideal for any indoor plants.
  • Comes with three years of warranty.
  • Suitable for bigger are for better coverage.
  • Built-in timer with remote control.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Expensive product.



Q- Do these light units contain with zeners to save the LEDs in case one goes out?

A- Yes, all the models of Maxsisun come with zeners.

Q- Can I get separately remote controller separately?

A- Yes, contact with the official website of Maxsisun and mention your model and watts of light unit to buy one.

Q- Is the light unit suitable for outdoor use too?

A- As long as the light is saved from water, rain, or direct sunlight you can use it anywhere.

Q- Can I use 1 300-watt panel for 4×4 grow tent or do I need two?

A- 2 LED light panel is perfect for this type of tent.

Q- What is the PAR reading for this light?

A- For 8 inches the PAR rating is 2268 umol, 12 inches 1740 umol, 18 inches 1560 umol and 24 inches 1160 umol.

Q- Why the light is consisting of blue lights?

A- The light is consisting of blue light and its work to increase the leave and vine growth.

Final Words

Growing indoor plants is easy if you have proper settings of light, water, and ventilation. To keep you one step ahead, in that case, Maxsisun brought you a vast number of collections on LED grow lights. You would find the low budget to the high price range of grow lights at different power settings. The best thing about these lights is they have various features for better performance and bonus the remote controller.

So we hope you would find the ideal grow light for your grow tent among one of these Maxsisun Grow Lights Review. Till then, happy growing!