Marathon Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow Review – Is This Worth Your Money?

Today we are going to review one of the best dual-wheel wheelbarrows the Marathon Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow. We picked it because of its workability, convenience, and price. So, let’s begin.

Yard cart or wheelbarrow is one of the essential tools for carrying different things while working. Some high capacity carts are also good at moving heavy items like bricks, cylinders, soil/fertilizer bags, etc., and for other works.

For decent daily works, different sizes of yard-carts are available in the market. Among thousands of options, the Marathon Dual-wheelbarrow is a simplistic opportunity for all kinds of users.

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Important features of Marathon Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow

Here is a short discussion of some of the essential features of this best wheelbarrow. But before that have a look into its basic elements.
Marathon Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow Review

  • Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Material: Ladybug Poly Tray and metal
  • Tires- Flat rubber wheels
  • Dimension: 35 x 16 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 24.9 lbs.
  • Usage: home and commercial usage.

Convenient Size

The size of the Marathon dual-wheel wheelbarrow is small but convenient. It measures 35 inches by 16 inches. It weighs around 33 lbs. The capacity of the yard cart is 300 pounds. As per its size, you can easily carry things like bedding plants, harvested veggies/fruits/flowers. Also, you can carry garden soil, hay, small garden tools also. But if you are thinking about carrying a hose pipe, heavy fertilizer/soil bags, etc. then the cart might be lost last longer. That means you need to avoid strenuous jobs with it.

Simple Design

The yard cart design is pretty simple and does not contain many features. The outlook of this cart is pretty fundamental with a five cubic capacity tub, two wheels, and a joint handle. The Marathon Dual wheel is lightweight and convenient. That offers easy lower lifting effort, stable balancing, and versatility.

The installation process of this product is relatively easy. Just two minutes and two tools are enough to assemble it. Read the instruction manual and take a crescent wrench and flat-head screwdriver to fix it.

Quality Material

The overall wheelbarrow construction is satisfying. It’s made of rust-proof metal frame and rigid plastic. The poly tray is durable and survives from any rust, heat, pressure, etc. in addition the tires of the cart is made of sturdy materials. It withstands different pressure and could survive on rough, pointy paths of your garden.


Comfortability is always a concern when it comes to yard cart. First of all, it has a cushion grip comfortable loop handle that lets you pull, push, and dump the cart with full loads easily. Also, the wheels are firm and supportive enough to work with on the grumpy ground. These are air-filled, so in case it flattens a bit, you can pump and fix it again.


This is a safe and straightforward yard cart that anyone can use. Its high ground clearance protects the tub from knocking things while moving on the uneven ground. If you want a light, less fancy for your daily garden job then you will like this one. Many people special other people would find it more useful for regular works.

  • Lightweight wheelbarrow easy to move around
  • Nicely build and seems sturdy
  • Comes with three different colors- red, green/grey, and pink
  • Wheels are sturdy and continent for rolling
  • Reasonable pricing
  • The instruction guide is not easy to understand
  • It has a low capacity to on bearing multiple heavy kinds of stuff together

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Can the wheelbarrow fit through a 28” door?

Yes, its 24” wide so it can easily fit into that door.

Where can get a replacement for the tire if needed?

You can order tires from Marathon’s official website.

How high the handle of this cart from the ground?

Around, 26 inches.

Final Words

A wheelbarrow is a great option for different garden works. It’s affordable and does not wear out easily if maintained properly. Also, you can store it in any small place inside the garage or warehouse. We want to give it a 5-star rating according to three major aspects. One- the stable balance, two- maximum loading capacity, and three- more comfortable push/pull capacity. Also, easy assembling features also a significant cause here. So, on the basis of that, the Marathon Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow is a great choice for most of the gardeners. We have reviewed worx aerocart wheelbarrow too that you can check out.