King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Review – Is it Better or Not?

We all know about grow lights. These are an excellent substitute for natural sunlight to grow plants indoors. Today’s King Plus 600W LED grow light review, we are going to know how does it work and what best it can offer.

Depending on the space, plants, and plantation stage you have to choose an efficient grow light that will increase cultivation. A 600W LED light is good at covering a pretty good amount of area rather than 300W or 450W. But this is not only a matter of area coverage. There is some other cause too. Like, King Pulse offers a maximum advantage for long term usage. It consumes less power so you can save electricity. Also, it has two high-speed cooling fans that keep the unit cool for a long time. So, with high cultivation, your investment is going onto a durable high-quality product if you have King Plus.

King Plus 600W LED Grow Light Review: Best For Better Coverage

Big tents usually need the power to cover the area. You can use more quantity of plants inside the canopy in a bigger size. Initially, more plants require more PPFD which can’t be supplied by one or two 300 watts panels. Also, multiple boards are single tent use to occur more heat. And the setup hassle is another thing.

You may or may not require multiple boards together. But the King Plus LED would let you include lots of plants in one tent and help to maintain their natural growth.

This 600w light can initially cover a 3X3.4 ft tent pretty easily. So, remembering this capacity you can place this panel in a huge size tent with more plants. Many users use this light singly in 4 by 4 ft canopy only for vegetation and the result was still satisfying.

Many people around the world use this brand of grow lights for their medical lab, genetic engineering projects, and commercial cultivation. It’s a simple, easy to use, and install-able light so far.

Full Light Spectrum

King Plus 600W Light Review

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This potential growing light for all kinds of plants provides a full spectrum especially needed for plants. Just like Sunlight. It includes white, red, blue, UV, IR rays that maintain the proper growth of plants at different life stages. As a result, all your plants grow fast and healthy. Naturally, they could grow under direct sunlight and in the open air in the field or garden.

We talked about the light with some owners who have already used the lights for their indoor gardens. They were very pleased with the work of its comparison to the bard they were used before. However, they complained about one downside at that time. The light is very bright and hard to work under it while it’s one. You better need goggles with UV ray protection to keeps your eyes safe.

Easy To Install

Installing this grow light is just a breeze. It comes with a hanging hook and fully ready to plug and play. All you need is to choose the place where you are going to place it. The 6 ft power cord is right to reach most of the nearest power outlet. Even an amateur person can hang it in the tent. Just make sure the height distances are accurate according to the plant type, age, and stage (flowering/vegetation).

Durable Product

If you could maintain the possibility is the grow light could last for an extended period. The aluminum frame, power cord, ventilation, cooling fans, etc. are made of high-quality materials. The price and usage of material match most. That means you would get what you pay for. And you pay right for this King Plus.

High-Quality Growing Light for Greenhouse & Indoor plants

Here are features of the King Plus 600w LED grow light. See to learn its technical features.

  • Power: 600 wattages (60 pcs lights with 10 watts power)
  • Light type: Epistar LED’s
  • Lighting setup for the vegetative stage: 12-14 Hrs.
  • Flowering stage: 9-12 hrs.
  • Coverage Area: 3×3.4 ft.
  • Distance above plants: 2-3.5 ft.
  • Worldwide voltage: 85- 265v
  • Working frequency: 50~60 Hz
  • Dimension: 12.5×8.26×2.36 inches
  • Wight- 6.6 lbs.
  • Lifespan: 50,000 Hrs.
  • Ideal for large space of growing setups.
  • Full-spectrum and intended intensity like natural sunlight.
  • Very bright lighting, thanks to its advanced dual-chips 10w LEDs.
  • High intensity and full spectrum as natural sunlight.
  • Low power consumption to keep your electricity bills limited.
  • Easy to set, no need for extra ballast to install.
  • Can be controlled by a timer.
  • Silent two-speed cooling fans.
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty with 30 days of the refunding option.
  • Not so efficient for the blooming stage. Make light fluffy buds rather than heavy thick ones.
  • Not water-resistant. So, make a good setup that keeps the light water or humidity-free as much as possible.


Q: How long is the power cord?

A: It’s 6 ft long.

Q: Does the panel come with any hanging hook?

A:   Yes, it comes with a hanging hook.

Q: Can the light work with a dimmer switch?

A: Yes, it’s possible.

Q: How many nm’s, does the grow light have?

A: About 16813 nm.

Q: What size of the tent is right for a single 600w to expand the light panel?

A: Maximum 3×3.4 grow tent is good for this increased light.

Q: Does it get warm even with the single canopy?

A: Yes, you need to install an exhausting fan include in the tent or a proper ventilation system.

Q: Can this light usable for commercial growing?

A: Yes, depending on what size of tent or room you are using you can use one or multiple panels to cultivate any plants.


So, in my King Plus 600W LED Grow light review I get to know why this brand is so popular among plant growers. It comes with some other models 1000 watts also so that you can try those small to mid-size panels with the same good performances like this one.

The light panel is less complicated to install, use, and maintain. And the main point the performance of the light as a plant grower is impressive. It’s better to talk with your buyer about the room size and then decide how many panels you need to install at your grow place.

So, after the discussion, I hope you would consider the product to get with the help of King Plus 600W LED Grow light review and get one. Till then happy growing!