Hydroplanet 48x24x60 Mylar Grow Tent Review

If you want to have the best grow tent for the money, then you have a perfect option to choose; the Hydroplant mylar canvas grow tent. This tent will solve your problem of a lack of growing space indoors. It has excellent benefits to grow plants, maintain their health and get better yield.

Choosing the best grow tent is a tricky one.  As there are lots of models available in the market. To help you out here I made a quick research on Hydroplanet grow tents.  So keep reading this review.

Why Should You Use a 48x24x60 Grow Tent?

When you are going to buy a grow tent, you need to keep an eye on some essential factors along with the knowledge of the grow tent review. All the Hydroplanet grow tents do not come with the same features. In the case of a growing tent, the size is the most crucial one. The 48x24x60 grow tent is one of the best suited grows tent for small yield. The tent is neither too broad nor short.  The size of the growing tent is balancing. You can use this grow tent for the small experiment, lab projects, medical work or anything that requires little space for an abundant harvest.

100% 600D reflective tear proof mylar

The Hydroplanet grow tent consists of 600D.  It is 100 % reflective.  The tent lets the plant grow to maintain real natural temperature.  The product is too much sturdy.    

Long lasting tent

The tent is outstanding and incomparable due to its 600D canvas fabric, high-quality, sturdy joints, and fittings, proper ventilation system. Use of quality materials is the main reason for its durability. It is the best grow tent for the money.

Steel poles and bracket

Not all the tent come with steel poles and bracket. This Hydroplanet Mylar Hydroponic comes with the steel poles and bracket. That is why it ensures more toughness than any others.  

Easy to assemble

Hydroplanet Grow Tent is easy to assembly. Every feature of the tent has been designed in such a way that no one will trouble to figure out how to set up it.  So any person with basic knowledge of assembling could work with it, by following the instruction guide.

Heavy duty tubes

The grow tent includes a massive duty pole to stand the canopy.  You can also hang the heavy equipment on these tubes.  Good this is, it’s rust-proof and withstands extra pressure, heat or hassle of moisture.

Washable material

If you think that the cover of the tent has been dirty after using a long time, you can wash this.  The material of the tent is canvas and fully washable. After washing cover, it will feel like a new one.  

Hydroplanet Grow Tent is designed with the Mylar. It is polyester film, and it protects the inside form outsider heat, dust, and debris.  The Mylar supports the tent in different ways. It saves the plants from insects, virus and maintains the pH level.

Chemical stability

Mylar tent is quite useful as these have the power of chemical stability. If you use any types of chemical in your garden, you will have an excellent result from this tent.


The tent which is light reflective lets your plant grows fast. These help to have the plant enough light.  The reflective Mylar is quite useful to grow plants.

Odor barrier

There are many tents which are not an odor barrier. But the tent is an odor barrier.  It plays the most important roles to grow a plant.  So you can use this Hydroplanet grow tent with confidence.

  • Designed with heavy equipment
  • Made of 100% 600D Reflective
  • Includes sturdy Mylar
  • Fully washable
  • Not for large scale yielding

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Final words

We are at the end of this Hydroplanet 48x24x60 grow tent review. This grow tent is one of the high-quality tents in the market. It helps you have the right amount of plant as your desire. The grow tent ensures two years of warranty. You can use this tent confidently to grow the plant in an indoor area for many years. And if there are any complications arise, you can contact the seller within this period. 

As Mylar cover 100% reflective, you have the security of growing your plant with appropriate light. It can be the best choice aimed at beginners for money.

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