How to Keep Greenhouse Plants Watered When On Holiday: Trick to Save the Plants

Every summer, many gardeners have the problem of not knowing what to do with their plants when they go on vacation. Pets can accompany us almost anywhere, but our plants cannot. For this reason, in this article, we show you some tricks on how to keep greenhouse plants watered when on holiday.

A simple solution is to replace all your plants with cacti and, thus, not waste a single drop of water. Fortunately, you do not have to be so drastic. There are many inventions to water your plants on holidays or throughout the year.

Take note, we begin!

How to Keep Greenhouse Plants Watered When On Holiday?

The systems that we are going to show you are not only economical but also very effective. If you have a greenhouse and you don’t want the plants to spoil during your absence, apply the following tips.

  1. Drip irrigation system

One of the easiest and very popular systems is watering with a string. Thus, it is called string dripping. For this trick, get a cotton string and a bottom/pot full of water.

Put one end of the string in the water container and another end in the plant pot. Keep the water pot higher than the planter. In this way, the water will drop to the pot through the string little by little.

Simple, easy, and effective.

  1. Drip irrigation system with plastic bottle

Following the tricks to water greenhouse plants when we are outside is also very efficient. However, it needs more space. It is as simple as making very fine holes in the side of a plastic bottle in the area of ​​the cap. Cut the bottom precisely with scissors.

Bury it near the plant you want to soak with the holes facing towards the target plant. Once buried up to the neck, we just have to fill it, and the earth will absorb water as needed.

You must bear in mind that this is an automatic irrigation system to water the plants on vacation. The amount of water that comes out of the bottle is much greater, and it runs out sooner.

  1. Ceramic cones for watering plants

One of the great tricks to water the plants while you are away is the clay cones. With this cone, a bottle of water is attached. This system works perfectly due to the porosity of the material. The clay will soak into the earth drop by drop. There are different types of materials and porosity on the market since not all plants have the same needs.

  1. Gelled water

Among the most effective inventions to water plants on vacation is gelled water. The plants survive in an optimal way with this invention. The pot’s soil will ask for water, and the gel will give it according to its needs.

  1. Self-watering pots or hydro planters

Watering greenhouse plants on vacation has never been so easy with these planters. They have a water tank and will water your plants as needed. But be careful; for one plant, it is a perfect solution; however, it would be very expensive for a whole greenhouse.

A Special Trick: Make A Small Home Greenhouse

Another of the inventions to water the plants on vacation is to make an individual greenhouse. Wrap each plant in clear plastic that lets the light pass through. Place a damp cloth at the bottom, under the pot. All the moisture that the plant loses will remain in the bag and will fall back into the pot.

Other Homemade Tricks and Tips

When you are away in summer, the question of the garden arises inexorably. In order not to leave your garden without care, you can:

  • Ask a friend to come and take care of the garden, ventilate the greenhouse and water.
  • Use a programmer and an irrigation kit (water in the morning, preferably).
  • For glass greenhouses, use a compass with your skylights to automatically ventilate.
  • If you don’t have a solution, leaving your doors open will already relieve the plants at the temperature level. However, this does not exempt from watering. If the weather forecast is very hot, install a shade net in advance.
  • Make sure before you leave that you do not leave the shades completely down in the greenhouse. Your plants need to be in a place with indirect light but not in the dark. They need light; however, you should avoid direct exposure to the sun.
  • Do not use the bathtub trick or leave the bottom of the pots in a container full of water for a long time. Otherwise, the roots will rot, and the plants will die. If you are going for many days, it is better to leave an object made of porous material, such as a clay plate. Submerge in water and place the pot right on top. Thus the moisture is transmitted to the pot optimally.
  • When possible, postpone your holidays.

Be careful; you must also watch that the wind does not damage your tarpaulins. It all depends on the length of your absence and the level of gardening of the person helping you.


Watering a greenhouse while on vacation does not require special skills but takes time and passion. Of course, the best solution is, to bring in a third party for the maintenance of your greenhouse. But if you cannot do otherwise, following these few tips on how to keep greenhouse plants watered when on holiday.

And now yes, worry no more; with these tricks to water the plants, they will be fine when you return. Enjoy your well-deserved vacation!