In-depth Guide to Grow Strawberries in AeroGarden

Wanna know how to grow strawberries in the aerogarden?

You are at the right place. With little effort, it is possible to grow almost anything in the aerogarden.

Raising fresh luscious strawberries indoors is a cool idea and watching them grow every moment earns more brownie points.

Read this entire guide to know everything on how to grow strawberries with aerogarden and the vital care measures to following during the growth period.

Growing Strawberries In An AeroGarden?

Essential Requirements

  • Aerogarden set up
  • Seedpod kit
  • Strawberry crowns
  • Grow bowl*

*We suggest buying the grow bowl and the strawberry crowns together. When you buy the combo package, it comes with a detailed grow guide and the cocoa medium.

Steps to Grow Strawberries in the Aerogarden

Step 1- Prepare the Seed Pods

The easiest way to get your own seed pods at home is to use the plastic parts from the previous harvest. You can reuse the previously used grow baskets or domes for this purpose. If this is not available, you may need to buy everything required.

Note: The initial phase of making seed pods at home can be a bit difficult if you are a novice grower. We recommend using a ready-to-use seed pod kit instead.

Step 2- Prepare the Strawberry Roots

Prepare the Strawberry RootsFirst, clean all the dirt deposits on the strawberry roots you will get in the strawberry crowns. Just wash them under running water to remove residue deposits on the roots. You may need to cut the thin hair roots if they are too long.

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Step 3- Insert the Strawberry Roots in the Grow Sponge

Once you are done with the above step, it is time to insert the roots into the grow sponge. Hold the stem very carefully and insert the roots into the grow sponge with a gentle press.

If the holes on the grow sponge are too small, you may cut the sponge a bit to get the proper fit. However, for roots that are too big, you may avoid using the grow sponge. You may even place them directly into the aerogarden grow bowl without the sponge. In both cases, they will develop to the full cycle. However, the results will not be the same.

Step 4- Place Grow Sponge in the Grow Baskets

If you have previously used grow baskets, they are perfectly suited for use over and again. The first time growers need to buy the new baskets. But again, you will be able to use it in the future too. So in both cases, dealing with the grow baskets is always a money saver option.

Step 5- Plant Strawberry Seed Pods into the Aerogarden System

Having completed the previous steps successfully, you are now ready to install the seed pods into the aerogarden system. Just take the seed pod and place it on the slot. Insert gently without touching the plants. Just hold the top part of the grow basket and push them slowly into the seed pod slot. When you hear the click sound, it means the seed pod has been installed properly.

Step 6- Give Nutrients and Water to the Strawberry Plants

Strawberries are luscious fruits, so they will need a lot of water to grow well. Watch out for the ‘add water’ sign on your aerogarden system. You will get a notification for adding water and liquid plant nutrients. The liquid nutrients provide all the nourishment to stimulate the growth process. Be careful about the low nutrient notification on the system.

Step 7- Pollinate the Strawberries

As in the case of outdoor strawberry plants, you will not get bees, butterflies, or other insects to do the pollination job. You need to do the pollination artificially. There are two ways to pollinate the aerogarden strawberry plants:

Method 1: Set a fan to the lowest blowing speed and position the airflow towards the strawberry plants. Allow the gentle wind to regulate the pollination process.

This is easy but not the best method to pollinate the strawberry plants. I would instead opt for the second method that ensures pollinating all the flowers on your strawberry plants.

Method 2: You need a brush with feathery-soft bristles or some cotton swabs for this process. Since the male part is located above the female part, it is easy to regulate this process.

Just rub the brush or the cotton swab on the upper part of the flower with a mild touch. That’s all! You are done with the pollination step.

Note: Make sure you are not exerting any force or pressure. This can damage the flowers and affect the growth process.

Step 8- Harvest the Strawberries

When can I harvest the strawberries?

The novice growers are impatient to know this.

Assuming that everything is done perfectly, the flowers should start growing on top of the plants in about a couple of weeks. Once you see the flowers, pollinate them as early as possible.

After you have done the pollination part successfully, you should be ready to harvest the full-grown strawberries in about 3 weeks from the time of pollination.

Essential Care Measures for Aerogarden Strawberry Plants

  • Check your strawberry plants at least once a day.
  • Using gardening shears or scissors, cut off the dead leaves (the brown ones) immediately. Make sure you cut the dead leaves at the base of the stem.
  • Remove the dry leaves near the plants. Leaving the dry leaves therein may attract bugs and insects.
  • Keep the plant surroundings and the aerogarden system as clean as possible.

If you take good care of your strawberry plants in the aerogarden, they can grow well for about 6 months or even more. However, the lifespan of your plants will entirely depend on the plantation and care measures you are taking. With intense care, they can keep producing fruits for a long span.


It is not too difficult to grow strawberries in the indoor garden if you have ready-to-use seed pods. It is highly recommended to buy strawberry crowns and not just the seeds. Growing them in the aerogarden is worth it as you can transplant them any time to the outdoor garden or even shift them into containers.

What are you waiting for? Just get your aerogarden setup and strawberry seed pod kit. You are just a few steps away from harvesting bulky, delicious strawberries.

Happy Aerogardening!