How To Grow Herbs Indoors All Year Round

You live in an apartment, but you want to grow an indoor herb garden kit. Right? In the other sense, you don’t have any place outside, but you like to create an indoor herb garden. Whatever the story, yes it is possible to grow herbs indoors. And you can quickly build it. But, you should have enough idea about how to grow herbs indoors?

To grow herbs indoors, you don’t need to have much space. You can grow herbs beside beds, borders, balcony, windowsill, and many other places. But, you should have some basic ideas about it.

In this guide, we tried to express at least those points which you should know before starting an indoor herbs garden. Here, we enlist a few spots but you should follow all of these if you want to get success on it.

7 Tips About How to Grow Herbs Indoors

When someone tells you to do several things, you may skip one. But if you do some specific tasks, the chance of missing one is less. That is the reason here we provide some specific points. And you should follow all of them if you want to be a part of successful indoor herb garden planters.

  1. Select The Best Place

First of all, you have to find the best place where herbs can grow well. The spot should have a supply of available sunlight. The sunny position is the best place to grow herbs indoors. In some of cases you may not have a sunny location in your apartment or building. But that is not a big problem. You may arrange artificial light and to know details about keep reading the article.

  1. Select The Best Pot Having A Drainage System.

grow herbs indoorUsually, herbs grow well in medium or large sizes pot. So, it’s better to avoid tiny sizes of containers. You can make the pot in your house, or you can buy it which you like. But, make sure the pot has a drainage system to pass the water. Otherwise, the roots of your herbs will turn into rot.

On the other hand, when the water passes through the inferior holes of the pot, the adjacent surface will be moist and dirty. To avoid this you should use a saucer which holds the water instead of draining to the floor or pot downside.

  1. Herbs Require Strong Light And Optimum Temperature

Herbs always need strong light. If they get enough bright light, they will grow well. Their growth rate greatly depends on how much light they get! On average herbs require 6-8 hours of light per day. It is best if you provide them with sunlight. But if not possible you can arrange artificial light indoors, and you also get a good result from it.

But, be aware of the temperature. It will be best if the temperature lies in between 60 to 70 degrees F. Remember this range is the optimum temperature for herbs. 5-10 degree F changes are not so significant and not a cause to be worried about. But try to maintain this range to get the best result.

  1. Watering

Water is an essential factor for herbs and also for other plants. Usually, herbs require not too much water, but it needs. If you give more water the roots will rot on the other hand the leaves become wilt and yellow as a result of less water. That is why you should water not more than as much it needs.

You should test the water status of the soil and then decide whether it needs water or not. To check the water status, penetrate your finger into the soil. If you feel it is dry about two inches, it is the perfect time to water. This condition also doesn’t indicate it is too dry as it starts dry from the top. So, give water as much it needs.

  1. Use Fertilizer To Enhance Herbs Growth

All the time the herbs can’t get their essential nutrients from the soil. And it is true that soil doesn’t contain enough nutrients for the plants. That is why it is best if you feed your herbs good fertilizer. Fish emulsion or seaweed extracts are the perfect fertilizer for herbs. They enhance herbs’ growth. You can fertilize the soil 1 to 3 times per month. It depends on the current growing status.

  1. Change The Pot If Require

Sometimes we notice the herbs can’t grow as quickly as it was grown before. And you feel all the factors are ok. But, what may be the cause?

As you are growing herbs in a pot, it may accumulate some elements which inhibit herbs growth such as salt. Fertilizers are also accumulated in the container. And the accumulation of salt can be the result of using tap water, which is the reason you should flush the pot or replace it.

  1. Finally, Grow Herbs With Care

Everything needs care, and everything needs attention. Yes, you may not get the best output after doing all because of a lack of care. You should care about the herbs and should observe when the herbs need water, which leaves become wilt, which herbs seem to be dead, and many things. In a word, you should have care and love for the herbs. You should also notice whether any herb is affected by fungal disease or other problems. So, take care of your growing herbs.


Can I grow herbs all-around a year?

Look again to our content title. Hopefully, you get the answer already. Yes, you can grow herbs all around a year, but you need to observe them.

What are the good herbs to grow indoors?

You can grow almost all herbs indoors, but if you grow certain herbs you will get the best output such as Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Chives, Mint, Basil, Bay laurel, and so on.

What herbs can grow without sunlight?

There are some herbs that also grow well without sunlight such as Cilantro, Chives, Thyme, Parsley, Tarragon, Golden Oregano, etc.

Can lavender grow indoors?

Yes of course. You can grow lavender indoors.

Can I grow one more herb in a single pot?

If you want you may grow but you will not get a good result. A separate pot is perfect for the separate herb.

Final Verdict

In the past the value of herbs was many, at present it also has, and its necessity will not fall in the future. So, you always need this. That is why we appreciate your decision that you are planning to grow herbs indoors.

This guide shows how to grow herbs indoors. Here, we advised you to follow few points to start an indoor herbs garden. And you have to maintain all the points to grow herbs well. Start herbs garden indoors by following those above points. Hopefully, you will get the best result.