Gorilla Grow Tent Reviews – Learn What Quality Grow Tent Should Be

Gorilla grow tents are a trendy option as a growing space among indoor gardeners. And why not they would be! This brand makes the highest quality grow tents and sells all over the world. We choose this tent because it’s beginner-friendly and recommended by many expert growers. It lessens your half of hassles to take care of the overall space. So, anyone who recently starts gardening inside the home could manage to put attention to the plants, fertilizer, and watering; rather than ventilation, bug or fungal attack, and excessive temperature.

We are going to make a Gorilla grow tent reviews that will explain all the details about its features and other things that tell about this product. Read on to know what this grow tent could offer.

Gorilla Grow Tent Features

Gorilla tents offer all the key features that a high-end grow tent should provide, even more. In design or outside look, the Gorilla tent is similar to other tents. Infect there is no significant difference has been coming out since the day this grow tent had come to market. It’s the technical features that add or minus for more convenience.

However, we are going to talk about some essential features of Gorilla grow tents that make it’s the ‘Gorilla Grow Tent’. Here it is.

Gorilla Grow Tent | Complete Heavy-Duty 1680D Reflective Hydroponic Grow 4-Foot by 4-Foot Tent for...
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Height And Extension Kits

You will give the highest mark on this – because all gorilla tents are higher than usual grow tents available in the market (except the Shorty line – Gorilla made especially some small tents to keep buyers demands). Standard and Lite line tents are more than 6 ft tall like 6’7″ or 6’11” ft.

Now the fun part, you could extend the height of all of these tents. Sounds great, right? Yes, Gorilla sold 1 ft or 2 ft height extension kits so you could get some more space. The GGT line features the 1 ft extension kits.

The Lite line-height starts at 6’7″ ft where the GGT Line begins at 6’11”. The 1 ft extension applies here also. But you need to buy the kit separately.

This line is for those growers who don’t tend to take advantage of vertical space. The Shorty Line starts with 4’11. The 1 ft extension kit is available for this line also which sold separately.

Height Compared To Other Grow Tents

The grow tents found in markets are mostly 6 ft tall. May grower needs a more vertical place for additional growth. Also, if you are a tall person, you will like a high-growth space for a plantation. So, this extra height is more enjoyable for these kinds of reasons. Otherwise, the extra height might now suit your need.

Fabric Thickness (More Than Better)

Gorilla brand always claims of using high-quality fabric in their tents. The Standard Line and Shorty Line tents feature 1680D fabric, machine threaded (double line), and reflective from inside. (D means Denier).

But the Lite Line tents have slightly thinner fabric than the other two. However, the manufacturers say that these tents are 10 times thick than any other grow-tents available out there. That is why they are more durable, good at less light penetration from the outside, and prevent any sound coming from inside.

  • Lite Line Fabric Density

The Lite line’s tents feature 210D fabric. That is quite lower than the previous two. Lite tents lack density but nothing else. However, this range of tents has got PVE binding techniques along with outside canvas fabric. The reflective inside sheet is also attached to it. So overall the thickness of the Lite Line is perfect for its job.

  • Why The Fabric Density Is Better Than Others

To answer this question, you have to understand only the thickness of a tent can give you all, as protection, temperature control, and other things. Many grow tents have 600D thickness of fabric. But they lack high-quality stitching and finishing. They don’t have PVE binding method as a gorilla. As a result, they come off from the pole, ripped out from the zipper or door over time.

Safety (A-one)

Growing tents are not like locker which need additional security to protect insider belongings. But yes, it is. There are safety concerns when it comes to indoor gardens or hydroponic systems. And that includes staining, humidity, and tools failure, and so on.

That is why we praise more Gorilla tent system. This one offers a flood pool that does not escape any liquids. This pool is attached to the tent bottom with Velcro strips. It could upswing about four inches which effectively control any large spills. Also, the solid construction of the frame saves the entire structure from the outside push and pull and prevents collapsing.

Furthermore, there is a roof section on every tent of Gorilla. It blocks the infrared ray and keeps the temperature in control.

  • Safety Compared To Other Grow Tents

Other brands make little to no effort to cool down surface temps and as a result, produce off the chart heat. Their thin fabric and single-line sewing equate to light, odor, and water leaks, and overall poor climate control. Thin frames represent an inherent buckling danger that will always have you nervous of a cave-in.

Sanitation (Good)

Hygiene or sanitation is a key factor for most grows tents, or even gardeners don’t think about these features also. But still, Gorilla has provided this feature as an extra proportion. All the gorilla tents are bugs and disease resistant. Its micro-mesh filters, double-lined ducting doesn’t let any insect or fungus affect. So, your plants get more clear air to breathe in and a clean surface to touch or stand.

  • Better Protection From Molds

We found many grow tents that have a lack of good sewing finish. This means the sewing on every part of the tents especially on ducting vents is not precise. As a result, they release air and light. Lights could attract the bugs and air could build molds. So, ill-fitted and low-quality tents could have a risk of annoying diseases. But if you choose, on the basis of these factors’ possibility is you will protect your plants from most of the additional health hazards.

Temperature Control (Proficient)

The overall size and height of the tent are not only worked to give you more space, but it also works for temperature control. Let us explain. The great height of the canopy keeps the internal air temperature down. Thanks to its 1680 D fabric, it manages to maintain a stable temperature for a long time. Infect it could down the initial temperature 3-4 C from the outside temp. So, if you are live-in an area where the team fluctuates too often, then you must buy a gorilla grow tent.

  • Better Than Others

Where typical growing tents are made of 600D thickness of fabric with 6 ft height gorilla grow tent has much more extended features. Hot air trap inside these tents even after there is ducting port inside of them. Also, how- quality fabrics are more prone to change with external temperatures.

Build Quality- (Impressive)

Gorilla Grow Tent build quality

The building quality of the Gorilla tent is impressive, and that is the reason this brand is one step ahead of others. Every model of tents comes with a robust pole made with high-quality stainless steel. These poles interlock each other when you join them during setup. That’s why the entire structure is much more stable from start to finish.

The tents have double stitches parts that withstand and lots of bear and tears. The electrical ports, ducting, etc. are full-proof, with no escaping of air or light until you allow you.

  • Last Longer Than Other Cheap Tents

Many Chinese knocks-off companies provide amazingly cheap grow tents with lots of features and facilities. But it’s the build quality that distinguishes them from Gorilla tents. Often, they are starting to show ripping corners, de-threading zipper, or bent of the frame. Some of this tent has a plastic pole or hollow metal pole which very weak to hold overall structure for a long time.

Thanks to Gorilla, all of its tents entirely out of it.

We also notice that the placements of the door, window, ducting/electrical port, etc. are proper to work within Gorilla tents. So, there is no design flaw or lack of quality issue that could bother a regular grower.

On top of those major issues, minor details like the design of doors, window ports, and flood pool design can all add up to a pretty frustrating growing experience in other tents.

Usage & Assembling (Convenient)

One of the most annoying parts of working with any grow tent is the initial assembly. Gorilla understands this and has built their tents with ease of assembly in mind:

More or less all gardeners have a terrible experience with different hassle on assembling and use of grow-tents. That is why Gorilla tried to make all the parts as smooth and smart as possible. Like, for constructing, the tents come with,

  • Velcro strip door- Easy to attach without asking for any help.
  • Roof- The roof sections attach on top of the frame without any tight squeezes.
  • Zipper– The zipper of the tent is large and comfortable to thread and wind everywhere on the tent.

For better usage,

  • Viewing window- The tent has 2 or more viewing windows (depending on the model or size) to observe your plants.
  • 360° unzipping- The door of the tent unzips to 360° so you can get any corner of the tent quickly.
  • Extendable height- The tent height is extendable which makes work easier by standing.
  • Adaptability– The size of then fits with most Hydroponic systems.

Set Up With Satisfaction

The making of gorilla tents is different from others. It fits the canvas around the poles is snuggle but not too tightly fitted. Also, both canvas and pole are sturdy enough to withstand the force that anyone applies during assembling. Even if you are a beginner and have a lack of experience in setting up a grow tent, you would succeed just following the instruction and basic knowledge of tent setup. Overall, the ambling of the Gorilla tent is satisfying.

Types of Gorilla Grow Tent

Gorilla tents have three different lines for various types and sizes of tents. Such as,

  • GGT Line
  • Lite Line
  • Shorty Line

All the grow tents come under these categories.

Gorilla Grow Tent (GGT) Line

The Standard grow tent of Gorilla or GGT offers maximum features, durability, and versatility. It comes with different shapes and sizes and consists of multiple doors and windows. The wall thickness of the canvas used in the GGT line is top-notch quality. That is why this line of growing tent last years after years, without fades or tire.

Shorty Line

In features, Shorty Line tents come with similar characteristics as Standard GGT Line except the height.  The line clocks of the Shorty line are 4 ft 11 inches tall. So, if you are planning to gore some small plants that do not mean tall over time more than 2 ft you can use the Shorty line.

Additionally, if you have more congested space to fit a grow tent then yes, you can have it. Many gardeners use this tent for cutting, propagation, and early vegetation growth before shifting the plants in a large tent or garden.

Lite Line

The Lite Line is Light in all ways. This range of tents is more lightweight and affordable than others. But that means you will get a thinner canvas, less durability, and some other features in comparison to GGT line tents.

You have a height expandable option with Lite Line using the extension kits. But you need to buy this kit separately.

Why Should You Buy Gorilla Grow Tents?

A user of full freedom to research, compare, and finalize the best grow tent for use. But if you choose to take a moment here and see what we are going to say about this brand and product then, let us clear you some matters. Gorilla tents are expensive but in a good way. This is not like that cheap tent which lasts not more than six months to a year. The tent has all the features, quality materials, amazing finishing that you would expect from a top-class grow tent.

The tents come with different options like small, medium, and large sizes. Furthermore, you could extend the tent by adding another size or the same size of the canvas with your old gorilla one. You have this easy extension option only with Gorilla.

Another right side that deserves appreciation is the plant-friendly design of every tent. This tent gives you all kinds of plants a proper atmosphere to grow bigger, taller, and fruitful. The materials, engineering behind every structure of features help a lot to maintain an appropriate plantation atmosphere. We have found an excellent source for Gorilla grow tents in Canada located at this source.

So, finally, it’s your call, you can afford it, you should get it, guarantee you won’t regret the decision in the future.

Positive Sides
  • A good quality tent by a large plantation environment.
  • It’s well built and easy to set up.
  • Good for keeping light out very well.
  • 100% light and airtight.
  • Durable for a long time.
  • Different size options to choose from.
Negative Sides
  • The instruction manual is not so helpful.
  • The zipper is difficult to use sometimes.
  • High in price.


Q1. How lightproof these tents are?

All the tents have the flap on the inside plus outside on the Velcro’s down. So, there is no way to light from escaping.

Q2. What is the option for accessibility for the tent?

Most of the gorilla tents come with tent windows which help you to observe the plants inside without opening the door.

Q3. Is the floor liner of the tent waterproof?

Yes, 100%.

Q4. What is the material of the zipper of this Grow Tent?

The zipper material of gorilla tent is plastic, and they are reliable but more manageable to on/off.

Q5. Do these Gorilla tents come with a warranty?

Yes, they come with a full year of warranty.

Final Words

Grow tents are a smart yet useful habitat to grow different types of plants. It provides all those things that your plant needs to survive from start to end. That is why you need to invest in something that supports yours as much as possible. After all, you are not going to change it every other year. It’s an investment that securely protects your significant other investments aka grow-light, adjuster fan, pots, and most importantly, the plants.

However, you should research a bit more to make any of the decisions. If your mind comes up with a tent that you want to buy then hold on for a second. We are not pushing you toward the Gorilla tent. Compare your chosen tent (Gorilla or another brand) with a minimum of 3 more other models or brands. See what they are offering or not. That is how you will make a better decision for your indoor plantation.

Hope this gorilla grow tent reviews succeed to tell all about this band and its product.  If you want to save your time and like to have something durable and more efficient Gorilla is the best thing for you.