Gorilla Grow Tent Reviews – Are They Worth It?

The task of purchasing a grow tent can be quite daunting. This is especially true because there are several manufacturers, features, and sizes to choose from. This overabundance of options can make the process of choosing the best grow tent kit for your garden overwhelming.

This review article looks at one of the more prominent grow tent makers available on the market – Gorilla Grow Tent. This Gorilla Grow Tent (or GGT) review describes and compares the three types of grow tents available by this manufacturer, which are:

  • The Lite Line: This tent line is lightweight and cheaper. The fabric density is sacrificed to make them more affordable.
  • The GGT Line: This line is your Standard Gorilla Grow Tent. Think of it as the flagship design with all the features.
  • The Shorty Line: This tent lineup comes with all the features of the GGT Line with one significant difference; it is two feet shorter.

Apart from the differences mentioned above, every Gorilla Grow Tent comes with the same build quality.

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Features of a Gorilla Grow Tent

Let’s quickly get an understanding of the manufacturer’s philosophy for creating grow tents before diving into the review.

Almost all the grow tents made by Gorilla Grow Tent have the same design. This means if you love or hate a particular feature in one line, there is a big chance that the same feature will be present in another line.

Besides your preferred dimensions, the features of these grow tents will have a huge influence on the grow tent you will choose to purchase. For this reason, this section will outline the various features that make Gorilla one of the best grow tents available on the market.

1. Fabric Thickness

The Shorty line and the Standard Line feature 1680D fabric, which is not only extremely reflective but threaded as well. The “D” in 1680D stands for denier: the industry-standard unit for measuring the density of fabrics. Gorilla claims that the fabric on its 1680D grow tent is three to nine times denser than other available grow tents.

How does density help an indoor grower? Here are a few benefits:

  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Reduced light penetration
  • Increased durability

One of the few differences between the Lite Line and other models at Gorilla is that the Lite Line tents have a lower fabric density rated at 210D. This is lower than the 1680D available with other Gorilla tent lines.

Gorilla states that despite the lower density, its PVE binding technique combined with the exterior canvas fabric and the reflective interior is much more effective than what’s found on other tents.

This mix creates a fabric that’s more rigid to outclass the grow tents from other manufacturers with higher density.

Fabric Thickness: Gorilla Grow Tents vs. Other Manufacturers

The majority of other grow tent manufacturers produce tents rated 600D, with 190 to 200D being the low-end range.

Although Gorilla’s Lite Line has a rated density of 200D, it still boasts a superior fabric compared to other manufacturers. This is because others do not use the proprietary binding method available with Gorilla and means that non-Gorilla grow tents are prone to leaking light, ripping, or not creating a sufficiently airtight growing environment.

2. Height Extension Kits

gorilla grow tent extension kits isolated on white background

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GGT/Standard Line

Gorilla Grow Tents are generally taller compared to other grow tents on the market. The only exception is the Shorty Line. Most of Gorilla’s tents are over 6 feet tall, ranging between 6.7 feet or 6.11 feet. If this height range isn’t sufficient for your needs, height extension kits, which are Gorilla tents’ most unique features, are available.

Height extension kits come in both 1 and 2 feet ranges, maximizing the height of the tallest Gorilla Grow Tent to 8.11 feet (a height tall enough for even the most determined indoor grower). The 1-foot height extension kit is included with the GGT line, making that line a great deal.

Lite Line

While the GGT lineup starts at 6.11 ft, the Lite Line begins a little shorter at 6.7 feet. But it is possible to add the 1-foot height extension kit to the tents within the Lite Line.

Unfortunately, the height extension kit doesn’t come included with this line as it does with the GGT. You have to purchase it separately.

Shorty Line

The Shorty Line, as the name suggests, is Gorilla’s answer to indoor gardeners without additional vertical growing space. This is perfect if your indoor garden doesn’t have enough headroom to place a tent. The Shorty Line’s tallest tent maxes out at 4.11 feet. However, it can be extended using the height extension kits.

Height Extension Kit: Gorilla Grow Tents vs. Other Manufacturers

Most tent manufacturers on the market tend to create tents that are no taller than 6 feet. If this height is fine for you, then the bonus of Gorilla tents height might not be required. Nevertheless, some indoor gardeners will be extremely appreciative of the additional height Gorilla Grow Tents provide.

3. Build Quality

The general build quality of Gorilla Grow Tents makes them the leading manufacturers of grow tents. The frames are made using strong interlocking metal poles, which form a helix that ensure the entire structure remains very stable. The corner joints also interlock to extend the stability at every point, ensuring there are no weak spots in the overall frame design.

Sections likely to suffer from increases in wear and tear have been double stitched to extend durability. The electrical ports and ducting are constructed to improve usability.

Build Quality: Gorilla Grow Tents vs. Other Manufacturers

One particular issue that tends to plague other grow tents particularly in the low-end models, is their general build quality. These tents are prone to having their corners ripped or zippers suddenly de-threading. Additionally, the frames could be made of a weaker material or plastic. The frame designs do not have locking mechanisms in place to ensure that the overall frame remains secure.

The last thing any indoor gardener wants is to have their grow tent collapse due to a rickety frame. Other issues that might present are faulty window ports, flood pools, and faulty door design. All these shortcomings can build up frustration when using other grow tents.

4. Usability and Assembly

The initial assembly process is common with all grow tents. This process can be quite tasking, especially for individuals who are not handy. Gorilla understands this challenge and to make the initial assembly of its product a lot simpler, its grow tents come with the following:

  • Velcro door strips so the doors can be assembled without extra assistance
  • The roof section seamlessly fits onto the frame, without any space juggling
  • The zippers are larger, easy to thread, and smoothly wind around the tent’s corners

For usability, Gorilla Grow Tents have two or more viewing windows to ensure your plants aren’t disturbed when you check on their growth. The doors can be unzipped to 360°. This helps to open up access to difficult-to-reach areas. The additional height of Gorilla Grow Tents makes standing up a possibility for some gardeners.

Usability and Assembly: Gorilla Grow Tents vs. Other Manufacturers

The process of assembly is an integral part of purchasing and using a grow tent. However, either from a lack of foresight or simply poor design, other manufacturers create grow tents that are difficult to assemble.

One of the most difficult parts is fitting the canvas around the frame. Some low-end grow tents make it even more difficult, as they try to save costs by making the canvas so tight that one could end up ripping the tent during assembly.

Additionally, these tents can be difficult to use due to their height (or lack of height). For tall indoor gardeners, Gorilla Grow Tents, especially the Standard Line, are perfect. Features such as Velcro door hold straps, tool pouches, or window ports tend to be absent from other grow tents.

5. Cleanliness

For the most part, cleanliness isn’t a big issue for the majority of grow tents on the market. It is a bonus, however, that GGT offers. Every tent in the line is crafted to resist most diseases and bugs. To do this, they come with double-lined ducting and micro mesh pre-filters. The combination of these helps stop mold and pests from infiltrating your growing space.

Cleanliness: Gorilla Grow Tents vs. Other Manufacturers

While there are some grow tents that come with pre-filters, the majority of them do not. For the ones that do have pre-filters, the feature is generally large and netted, meaning pests can easily slip through them. The ducting vents can and do leak air, as a result of less precise sewing. For a grow tent, air leaks could lead to mold forming inside.

6. Safety

Having an indoor hydroponic garden comes with increased safety concerns. For the most part, these concerns deal with spills that could cause equipment failure, stains, or messes. To avoid this, GGTs are equipped with a flood pool installed at the tent’s bottom using Velcro straps that wrap-around the included poles. The pool can rise about 4”, helping it to contain even the largest spills.

There are additional safety features such as a roof section that helps to cool down the tent’s top and block infrared rays. This ensures the inside of the tent experiences fewer temperature changes. The frame is constructed using metal to make it rock solid. The interlocking pole design ensures that there is no chance of light collapse which could ruin the growth.

Safety: Gorilla Grow Tents vs. Other Manufacturers

From the above safety measures, it is easy to see that Gorilla goes above and beyond to ensure that surface temperature fluctuations don’t exist. Other tent manufacturers use thin fabrics that can result in odor, water, and light leaks, as well as inadequate climate control. All of these can damage a garden.

While Gorilla Grow Tents uses thick interlocking frames, other manufacturers use thin frames that are prone to buckling.

7. Overall Design

In terms of price, you get what you pay for and the Gorilla Grow tents do not come cheap. They can be a great investment if they are properly maintained.

For instance, Gorilla Grow Tents have 10-inch ducting ports, which are fully cinched. This means any grow room ventilator can be installed in the tent. The little details, such as increased stitching in the wear and tear-prone areas, the addition of a tool pouch, and more, show how much thought Gorilla puts into its grow tent design.

Overall Design: Gorilla Grow Tents vs. Other Manufacturers

Purchasing other grow tents will likely result in dealing with improper port sizing and placements. This can end up creating a setup that is not adequate for closed-loop ventilation. The micromesh filters and pre-filters will not be able to perform their function, and this will readily let microbes and bugs through. The frames on other tents usually consist of plastic or thin poles that do a poor job of supporting the fans, reflectors, filters, and the tent itself.

You will also need to deal with uniformed sizes, hindering any sort of movement within the tent once the desired garden has been set up. The lower heights can also cause heat pockets to develop on the canopy, which can significantly decrease crop yield.

8. Value

Gorilla Grow Tents are designed to be the toughest and tallest grow tents on the market, but this means you will have to pay more for these tents compared to options from other manufacturers.

This larger sticker price might scare off those searching for a grow tent, but it is important to understand that GGTs will surpass your expectations compared to any of the cheaper models. These tents are designed to stand up to daily use while retaining their sturdy frame design and general hardiness.

9. Temperature Control

The extreme height of the Standard Line tents serves a dual purpose. In addition to providing extra room for plants to grow, it also helps to maintain the internal air temperature. Also, if your garden is situated in a region with extreme or frequent temperature fluctuations, the 1680D fabric density can improve the grow tent’s insulation against those temperature changes.

While the Lite Line doesn’t automatically benefit from this feature due to its short height, the 1-foot height extension kit makes it possible to vent hot air from the grow tent.

Temperature Control: Gorilla Grow Tents vs. Other Manufacturers

As stated earlier, the majority of manufacturers design their grow tents to be 6 feet or shorter. This means hot air is likely to be trapped inside the tent. The tent fabrics are typically rated at 600D. This means external temperature fluctuations are more likely to influence the tent’s internal temperature.

10. Warranty

Gorilla Grow Tents are backed by a 1-year warranty. The warranty covers issues that deal with the overall craftsmanship of the product. The company will try to troubleshoot and sort the problem out if possible. If they fail to solve the problem and the issue is irreparable, the part can be shipped back to Gorilla, at the company’s expense with a replacement sent to you.

Gorilla Grow Tent Reviews

Gorilla Grow Tent 2” x 2.5” – GGT22

gorilla grow tent ggt22, black color, isolated on white background

This Gorilla Grow Tent is professionally designed to suit not only experts but beginners alike. The ducting ports are expertly placed to promote easy setup. The larger layouts offer seamless maneuverability.

The height extension kit increases available growing height by 1 foot. The GGT22 can also be used with a 2-feet height extension kit. The walls are created using Diamond Reflective Technology that distributes 30% more lumens, reducing waste and providing plants what they require.


  • EZ view windows
  • All-steel interlocking frame
  • 1680D rated material
  • Industrial strength zippers
  • Rear access door

Gorilla Grow Tent GGT33 Grow Tent, 3 by 3 by 6-Feet/11-Inch

gorilla grow tent ggt33 isolated on white background

The Gorilla Grow Tent 3 x 3 or GGT33 is one of the bigger grow tents in the Shorty Line. As with every Gorilla Grow tent, it is carefully designed with a full metal interlocking frame that remains sturdy even in the harshest growing conditions. The 10-inch double cinching, no-leak ducting ports ensure growing goes off without a hitch. The thick “Easy Engage” zippers offer easy access to the tent’s internals.


  • 360-degree wrap-around access
  • Infrared blocking roof insertion
  • Micromesh pest control pre-filters
  • Sturdy interlocking frames
  • Can support 300 lbs

Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty 4×4

gorilla grow tent shorty ggts4x4 isolated on white background

The Shorty not only exceeds expectations by being the strongest and thickest tent available on the market, but it also does this while facing peculiar height restrictions. At 4 feet 11 inches tall, it serves as the ideal space for attic and basement growers. If the height leaves something to be desired, there is a 9-inch extension kit available that can raise the overall height to 5 feet 8 inches. The Shorty does not skimp on the features provided to the Standard Lite with its fabric that is super thick and rated at 1680D. It can support over 300 lbs.


  • Thick 1680D rated fabric
  • Sturdy spill tray
  • Tool pouch
  • EZ view windows
  • Unique diamond reflective interior

Gorilla Grow Tent 5 × 5

gorilla grow tent ggt55 isolated on white background

The Gorilla Grow Tent 5 x 5 is one of the best Gorilla models to purchase. This tent comes with an embossed reflector interior, ensuring that it is very effective at trapping light inside. This growth tent also boasts a sturdy metal frame and thick canvas that enables it to support as much as 300 lbs. Tent assembly can be a bit challenging due to its height so make sure you choose a spacious area for building.


  • Embossed reflector interior
  • Large headroom
  • Thick canvas strong enough to support 300 lbs
  • Ventilation and exhaust ducts
  • Heavy-duty spill tray

Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line GGT 8 x 8

gorilla grow tent lite line ggtlt88 isolated on white background

The GGT 8 x 8 is the flagship of the Lite Line. It is made using an all-steel frame with an interlocking design to ensure that it remains secure and sturdy. Viewing windows are included as with all Gorilla Grow Tents.

The fabric used is durable, although it doesn’t have the 1680D rating that the Standard and Shorty lines have. The micromesh pre-filters are adjustable. The seals are tightly reinforced.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy design
  • 200D rated canvas fabric
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great durability despite the weight

Gorilla Grow Tent Original Heavy Duty 8×16

gorilla grow tent original heavy duty free 1' extension kit

As part of the Standard Line, the 8 x 16’ model boasts the most versatility and features, especially when it comes to doors, ports, sizes, and shapes. This Gorilla Grow Tent is perfectly suited for those that require a grow tent large enough to house not only their accessories but their growth without intrusions from any side.

This Gorilla Grow Tent comes with 14 electrical ports, 16 ducting ports, and 6 doors, providing ample space to move even the most cumbersome plants. Plus, it can cope with loads over 300 lbs.


  • 6 doors for increased maneuverability
  • 16 ducting ports
  • Double-stitched sections
  • 14 electrical ports
  • Increased height to eliminate canopy heat pockets

Gorilla Grow Tent Original Heavy-Duty 10 x 20

gorilla grow tent ggt1020 isolated on white background

The 10 x 20’ model is one of the largest Gorilla Grow Tents available. It offers increased versatility and usability over all other GGTs. It is constructed with the same 1680D fabric to ensure that it can withstand continuous use. The heavy-use areas are cross-stitched to ensure they can withstand the pressures of daily wear and tear.

The EZ view window feature on this model provides a quick and easy way to check on growth without disturbing the plants.


  • 100% metal interlocking
  • Free 1 foot height extension kit
  • Easy to reach built-in tool pouch
  • Infrared blocking roof insertion
  • Heavy-duty spill tray