Fertilizer Spreader Maintenance – The Ultimate Guide

A top-rated fertilizer spreader is the one that is being maintained correctly. We all want a natural and pleasant looking healthy lawn, don’t we? Fertilizer spreader plays a crucial role in that goal.

It helps you to evenly apply fertilizer in your lawn so that an uneven distribution of fertilizer is avoided and you don’t have an unhealthy lawn at one side and a healthy one on the other.  It also helps you to keep the chemicals away from your skin, because who knows what resides in your fertilizer right?

Not only that, the best thing about having a fertilizer spreader is, you don’t have to apply fertilizer by your hand and you don’t have to calculate the amount each time. So, it saves a lot of your precious time. Also, you can use it as a seed spreader and salt spreader during the winter.

Fertilizer Spreader Maintenance

Let’s check out the best ways to maintain your fertilizer spreader.

Storage Maintenance

It is important that you leave your storage clean after each time of use. Don’t leave any fertilizer in your storage for a long time because it may damage the machine. If you have a larger model of a fertilizer spreader, do lower the machine rollers upon a solid plane surface. If possible always store your fertilizer spreader indoors and the storage clean of course, because it will prolong the life of your machine.

Worn-out Parts

It is imperative that the parts of your spreader must be checked regularly. After long and heavy uses, the machine may have worn out parts. And even a faulty part has the power of damaging the whole machine.

Before you face such unfortunate issues you should always check for worn out parts and replace them if need be. Also, go through your owner’s manual and follow the maintenance guide mentioned there. If you’ve lost or thrown away the book, take help from google or someone from your local garden store.


You must remember to add oil in all of your spreaders moving parts such as the chains, sprockets, and grease fittings. This practice will help you to keep your machine run smoothly and prevent damages. And a smooth spreader is a fun spreader to work with.

Keep it Neat and Clean

Make sure to empty your fertilizer spreader after each use. Brush and clean off every small bit remaining in the spreader. After that wash it clean with water and properly dry it before storing the spreader. It’s a clever idea if you clean off any dirt or grease from the spreader and empty it if you are going to not use it in a few days.

Inspect your Chains

Few fertilizer spreaders, especially the larger pull behind ones consist of chains. Those need to be inspected so that they stay in good shape. Replace them, oil them or tighten them if it is needed.


Although small spreaders are made out of plastic, larger ones are made out of metal. Sometimes after a long period of use, the paint starts to wear off. When it happens, repaint your spreader so that corrosions are prevented.

Reassembling the Spreader

Sometimes it is necessary for you to disassemble your spreader. It’s important that you keep track of the correct spot for your spreader pieces and assemble them correctly. Because if you don’t your spreader may not work properly or may not work at all. 

Final Words

There is no other exception to properly maintaining your fertilizer spreader in order to keep it working perfectly. You need your spreader to work right if you want an attractive lawn. Follow these guides to keep your spreader as the top-rated fertilizer spreaders. After all who doesn’t like compliments on their lawn from friends and guests.