5 Best LED Grow Lights Reviews 2021 – Updated Buying Guide

65% of the indoor growers regret bad grow light setup, resulting in terrible yield.

Hence, lightening up those notorious grow plants is a big nut to crack! Which, maybe bothering you up lately, and brought you to this web page.

LEDs are no doubt, a way better source of grow light from HIDs, HPSs, MHs, and so on. The best LED grow light comes with a fine blend of full-spectrum coverage, cost-effectiveness, and low heat emission. In case it gives you a promise of 50k+ hours of durability, that’s a jackpot!

But how on earth you’re going to pick up the right LED grow light? There’re 100s of them in the market, right?

That’s where we’ve taken over on behalf of you. We’ve hand-picked 154 of models in the market, and let real growers sort it out. Finally, a list of top 5 LED grow lights is there, with features and specs broken down in bite-size chunks.

All we want you to do is- grab a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to go through the post. We promise to get you the best LED light for grow tent within your budget.

Hop on the wagon, and let’s start-  

Best LED Grow Lights of 2021

1. VIPARSPECTRA 1200W – UL Certified Reflector-Series

VIPARSPECTRA 1200W grow light Check Price on Amazon


VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified “Reflector series” 1200W Grow Light combines with full-spectrum design, is uniquely designed, and perfect for any type of indoor plants, vegetable & flower at all stages of growth. This growing light has contributed vastly to the high-quality growth of plants such as flowers that are thick and fully coated with resins.

Over several cautious years of testing and experimentation, VIPARSPECTRA Spectrum was specially created for the indoor growers to boost the quality and productivity of plants grown where the natural daylight is limited. They are scientifically planned and designed to control the balance with high PAR-Lumen & proper core coverage of 4.5×4.5ft tall.

Too much concentration of the design in the center of your growing area can result in undersized the growth of plant and sun burning. However, with its revolutionary aluminum cooling heat sinks as well as high-speed cooling fans, it runs more than 70% cooler than (High-intensity discharge) lights. The average power consumption is 524watt, the input voltage is AC100-240V and a frequency of 50-60Hz.

Features of Viparspectra 1200W

  • The lifespan of 100K hours and optimal full spectrum, which offers plants Veg and Flower all stages with the required light needed in the natural sunlight.
  • Perfect for a 3.5×3.5’ growing area at 24” height (Max coverage 4×4’).
  • Replaces a 1000 watt HPS/MH while consuming only 574 watts.
  • Maintains and keeps the balance of the PAR/Lumen Output and Coverage.
  • Fans and big aluminum cooling heat sinks are easy for heat dissipation.
  • LEDs angle is at 90°
  • 3 years warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee.
  • Solidly designed with a 100 percent working LEDS
  • The veg cycle is great
  • Runs cool and put off very little heat
  • Easy to maintain temperature in a growing room
  • A bit expensive

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2. BESTVA 600W – Top Full Spectrum Grow Light

No products found. Check  Price on Amazon


BESTVA 600W LED Grow Light is technically constructed to keep the balance with high Lumen and appropriate Coverage for indoor growing plants. Weighs about 5.5 pounds with a dimension of 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36 inches. Uses an efficient full spectrum of 380-780nm which is appropriate for indoor plants, veg, and flower at all growth stages.

Full Spectrum Grow Lamp anticipated lifespan is 100,000 hours and also accepts voltage from any part of the world, AC85-265V. The frequency is 50-60H. It has 12o dual led chips, which is a much better solution than triple-chip. The light intensity is really impressive – better than most grow lights on the market.

The package comes with power cord and hanging hook and is covered by a 3-year warranty with free shipping for repairs in the first 6 months. Additionally, the Core Coverage Area is 4ft x 3.6ft at 24″ Height and a LEDs Angle of 120°

Features of BESTVA 600W

  • Efficient Cooling Fan System, cool and quiet.
  • Runs low temperature that is 80% cooler than high-intensity discharge lights
  • Consumes only 125 watts unlike the 250-watt HPS
  • Dual-chip (10W) LEDs is much brighter and more efficient than traditional 3W and 5W LEDs.
  • Suitable for a 4′ x 3.6′ growing area at 24″ height
  • Favorable to plants, vegetables, and flower indoor growing at all stages, just like in the usual daylight
  • 3 years warranty and 30 days satisfaction
  • The panel costs less compared to other LEDs of the same watt.
  • Covers almost a square area of 4ft x 3.6ft at 24″ Height which is perfect for a small tent
  • Do not require much ventilation as it runs at a lower temperature
  • Light spectrum perfectly mimics natural sun which is best for plant at all stages and also for cannabis growth
  • Some users complained of LED light burning easily after few days of purchase and no noticeable increase in their tomato

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3. WAKYME LED Grow Light 600W – Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

WAKYME LED Grow Light 600W Check Price on Amazon


The WAKYME Full Spectrum 600W LED Grow Light is an affordable, sturdy and effective indoor lighting product. It is perfect for people who grow a wide range of indoor flowers and plants. Each of these WAKYME glow lights has a frequency of 50-60Hz, an LED angle of 90°, an 86V-264V input voltage, 600W power (60pcs x 10W), and a lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours.

This light designed to ensure you get the best yield possible and prevent plants from getting sunburned. It measures 2.36 x 8.35 x 12.2 inches, weighs 5.39 pounds, and has maximum coverage area at 3x4ft at 24” height.

The LED grow light designed with VEG and BLOOM switch, provides everything plants desire in the natural sunlight.

Main Features of WAKYME LED Grow Light 600W

  • Service Life is more than 100,000 hours.
  • 60PCS SMD led(total 600W) provides uniform illumination. It can replace traditional 600 watt HPS/MH while consumes only 110-115 watts.
  • The LED grow light designed with VEG and BLOOM switch, provides everything plants desire in the natural sunlight.
  • Maximum coverage area at 3x4ft at 24” height.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Produces a bright light with adequate of color including white, blue and red light.
  • Durable design and made from long-lasting materials.
  • Well-balanced grow light and very easy to hang as well as simple to use.
  • You don’t require an exhaust
  • Excellent and secure packaging.
  • High-speed big fan (rpm up to 2000).
  • Some durability issues.


4. Roleadro 300W LED Grow Light – best for Indoor

Roleadro 1000W Led grow Light Check Price on Amazon


Roleadro Gaalaxyhydro Series 1000W Indoor Plant Grow Lights, Full Spectrum with UV&IR is a lamp that is made with more red and blue light than white. Studies now show that red and blue LED light is necessary for the effective development and growth of a plant when properly controlled by a grower. This is due to the fact that it makes the plant greenest, sturdier, and overall, more proficient

Gaalaxyhydro Series Light is well constructed and significantly stronger than other similar ones. It weighs 4.7lbs and measures at about 12.1 x 8.2 x 2.4 inches.  There is no doubt about the product since it has a 2-year warranty and a zero maintenance cost. Light lifespan is 50,000 hours, the light has more zen, even when 1 LED is broken, others will perfectly run without any issue.

Features of Roleadro 1000W

  • It has a larger proportion of red light, which provides more nutrients for the plants which can’t get enough sunlight.
  • Ensures your indoor plants get 10-16 hours ideal lighting time and 26-28f growing temperature throughout the year under this grow light.
  • Red light (600-700nm) contributes to the plant photosynthesis, which plays a vital role in plant growth.
  • Maximum efficient photoelectric conversion rate.
  • Red-Blue spectrum ratio 8:1 combination provides the perfect blend to help in both vegetative and flowering growth.
  • Excellent heat dissipation system and lower energy costs.
  • IR for better photosynthesis
  • More red and blue light chips than white
  • Sturdy design
  • High brightness
  • Low power consumption
  • Integrated fans reduce heat consumption
  • Do not have UV protection glasses as well as cancer warning
  • Some users believe it has limited features


5. King Plus 1000w – High Performace LED Grow Light

King plus 1000w led grow light Check Price on Amazon


KING plus  1000w LED Grow Light offers the all spectrum light required for plant growth including the red and blue light as well as the Ultraviolet and infrared radiations. This led grow light is presented with a lifespan of 50000 hours and works pretty efficiently within a voltage range of 85-265V.

The double chip of two 5W diodes of KING plus makes the led grow light a lot brighter and effective as compared to the other ones. Each double chip diode is maximally secured with a “zenith protector” which prevents the diode from burning out. The coverage of led grow light is quite satisfactory and covers an area of 3.4ft x 3.8ft.

Features of King Plus 1000w

  • Scientifically built to maintain the balance of the PAR/Lumen Output and has adequate coverage.
  • Brighter and more effective when compared to the traditional 3W and 5W LEDs.
  • Constructed with a universal voltage of 85v-265v and has a lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • Energy conservative and consumes just 185w power, which saves more money than HPS/MH lamp
  • Efficient cooling system and proficient heat dissipation.
  • Perfect for all kinds of indoor plants veg and flower at all growth stages due to the adequate full spectrum light which is similar to that of natural daylight.
  • The LED grow light comes with 3 years warranty.
  • KING plus is very easy to hang
  • Comes with great light which boost indoor plant growth
  • Designed with an effective cooling system
  • Easy to run since it does not consume much energy
  • Do not last-long as other LED lights but the 3 year warranty makes it safe to use.

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Checklist Before Buying a LED Grow Light

  • Space Matters: Considering your space is a thing you should certainly do before buying a growing light. Space is a big factor. When choosing an LED growing light, its size and installation space must be properly checked in order to avoid the distorted growth of the indoor growing plant. Besides, when light is set too close to the growing plant, it will get destroyed and burnt. So, it is recommended to read the instruction manual to enable you to know the required distance of the light from the plant. Space and light’s size is key
  • Quality: product quality is very crucial as it helps determine efficiency. So, before selecting a product always take note of its quality. Some of those things to consider while choosing the best grow light are its appearance, durability, and internal and external hitting issues.
  • Pricing: price is a factor when it comes to getting a working and long-lasting LED grow light. Don’t need to bother with the price if you need quality. A good LED grows light for the large-scale purpose should be within the range of $500. However, for personal (hobby) use, you should spend $150-300.
  • Appearance: The look of the product always gives the first impression and either calls for an attraction or repels. When a product isn’t eye-catching then no matter how beneficial it’s working, the grow light might not attract you. It is important to consider the out-look of Led grows light before buying.
  • Durability: Durability is an indispensable factor to consider when buying an LED grow light. Knowing that a growing light is a big venture, which means you must embark on a sturdy product for greater efficiency and yield of your indoor growing plants. You can use a durable product for a long-living time. So, when selecting a grow light, take note of the longevity of it.
  • Lifetime of LED: This is another important factor to know. Before selecting the best LED growing light for an indoor garden or greenhouse, the lifespan of the LED bulbs contained in the growing light must be properly checked and guaranteed.


What is a LED grow light?

LED grow light is a light that uses LED technology to grow plants indoors, and this includes cannabis and other crops.

Does LED grow light to have any benefit?

Of course, yes.  Some of the benefits are outlined below

  • Safe to operate and does not contain mercury
  • Enhances growth, density, and resin production
  • Long bulb life up to 50,000-100,000 hours.
  • Energy-efficient compared to the  traditional lighting
  • Do not require extra cooling equipment
  • Perfectly mimics natural sunlight
  • Easy ‘Plug-and-Play’ setup

What are the required watts LED power?

Depending on the effectiveness of the LED grow light, usually about 30-50% less wattage is required. As it is known, more effective grow lights display extra light while using fewer watts.

What is a number of watts needed per square foot of growing space?

About 32 watts of actual wattage is needed per square foot of grow space. Though some LED grows lights require less. On the contrary, some others require more depending on productivity. It is recommended to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions since all LED units are differently designed.

What should be the appropriate distance between the LED grow light and the plant canopy?

Appropriate distance between LED growing light and plant canopy is not universal since there are of a different brand, coverage area, beam angle, light shape amongst others. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Nevertheless, 18″-36″ is a classic distance; 18″ for flower and 24″ or more for veg.

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Final Verdict

From the post, it is clear that the importance of an LED growing light cannot be exhausted. It has conveniently contributed to the high and quality yield of plants such as cannabis, flowers, etc.  This has made it equally possible for growers/gardeners to over the challenge of growing plants indoor convincingly.

Seasonal growers have employed this technology to take horticulture to the next level. However, some factors are critical to employing the use of LED grow lights since there are different types available in the market.

Growers are advised to consider these factors while choosing LED grow light for their indoor plants. For a large-scale operation or a business project, you will have to invest richly to get a high-quality and long-lasting LED growing light such as VIPARSPECTRA 1200W. Notwithstanding, other conventional LED lights can be enough for a start in the case of small projects.

Well, I’m sure this guide was helpful. Wish you all the luck in finding the best LED grow light for cannabis and other indoor plants.

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