7 Best Hedge Shears For Your Garden 2022

Hedge trimming sessions are necessary to encourage the growth of your shrubs and bushes and also to keep their desired form. With the help of the best hedge shears, you can make your garden bushes and hedges look beautiful.

You need to trim sculpted hedges annually. During this trimming process, you need to be very precise because you need to taper the hedge sides, shear both sides, as well as the top of the hedge in a straight line.

Also, don’t forget about the branches that have drooped and those stubborn twigs. You need to have sharp shears that you can rely on for precision and longevity.

With a hedge cutting shear, you can make multiple cuts of small vegetative material at one time using a scissor-type motion. With the help of this cutting tool, all you need to do is simply place the shear near the plant, and with one clean swipe, you can cut numerous branches.


Top 7 Best Hedge Shears Reviews 2022

Now, since there are a lot of brands that make these tools, you need to know which one will actually get the job done. And for that, I’ve narrowed down the list to make your buying decision much easier.


1. TABOR TOOLS Hedge Shears for Trimming Borders

If you want a good reliable tool at a terrific value, this is the one. The TABOR TOOLS hedge shear is sharp, lightweight, and easy to use. The high carbon, precision-ground steel blades will stay sharp for a long time and will continue to provide smooth, crisp cuts.

Usability is its strong suit. The handles feature a soft vinyl cushion grip, and the handle itself is made from lightweight aluminum. These are non-slip grips, which means you can use them anytime, anywhere.

To absorb jarring vibrations; this tool features shock-absorbing bumpers that make using this tool a bliss. The shock guard bumpers also reduce shoulder and arm fatigue.

  • Razor-sharp fully hardened blades
  • Lightweight aluminum handles
  • Protective shock-absorbing bumpers
  • Don’t expect this tool to cut branches.


If you love gardening and want a razor-sharp hedge shear that’s lightweight, easy to use, and has blades that stay sharp cuts after cuts, this is the tool to buy. It’s like using a pair of scissors. 

2. Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears- Best Professional Shears

Ever wanted a professional hedge shear that is used by the pros in Japan? This precision garden shear from Okatsune is the real deal. It’s like the top-of-the-line model in the garden trimming industry. Ordinary shears will lose their sharpness after one or two cutting sessions.

But this one won’t. I mean it’s a tool for the professionals. The blades are made from “Izumo Yasuki Steel”. Have you ever heard of it? No? Neither did I. What I found out is that this is the same steel that the Japanese use to make swords.

The hot steel is hammer forged to make the blades to give them maximum cutting power and also to make them razor-sharp. The handles are nice and long, and they are made from Japanese White Oak. That’s slick. These handles give you a balanced and ergonomic feel.

  • Made for the professionals
  • Japanese white oak handles
  • Extremely sharp blades
  • Expensive but worth every penny


It’s so sharp that you have to be extra careful when using them. Plus, they will stay sharp like forever, and the handles are so well balanced that you will hardly use any other hedge shears once you use this one.

3. GARTOL Extendable Handle Hedge

GARTOL Extendable Handle Hedge Shears with Adjustable Length Handle, 9inch Wavy Sk5 Blade,...


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A hedge shear that is extendable and made for professional use is a hard deal to pass. With this GARTOL hedge shear, pruning branches are simple as cutting butter with a hot knife. The sharp blade can handle all your backyard cleaning tasks. In addition to that, it can also remove weeds and prune small branches.

The trimmer is lightweight and sharp. It feels like using a scissor but a very sharp one. You can adjust the scale length according to your needs. You can use this tool for your trimming business if you want. The blade will stay nice and sharp.

The length of blades is 26 inches, and the overall length is 34,6 inches. The handle is made out of TPR Rubber, which makes it lightweight, and there are cushioned grips added for a comfortable hold.

  • High-quality carbon steel blades
  • Shock-absorbing bumpers
  • Comfortable adjustable handles
  • Adjusting takes a bit of time getting used to.


This is a state of the hedge shear that features adjustable handles, shock absorbing bumpers, lightweight handle, and blade tension control knob. In my opinion, this is a good garden shear for the money.


4. ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears- Best Pruning Shears

ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears


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This small hedge shear from ARS might look small, but don’t let that size fool you. It’s a professional-grade tool for those of you that want ultimate precision and longer-lasting performance. The cuts it can make are like that of a scissor. Smooth and clean.


The blades are treated and made from high-quality steel that will give you unsurpassed cutting performance. The cutting blades are adjustable via a pivot bolt. Also, these are replaceable blades. If you wear them out, you can easily change them.

The handle has a well-balanced shape that feels comfortable even if you use it for a long time. The shape is ergonomic which makes it easy to use. If you want to prune and shape various bushes and hedges manually, go for this one.

  • It’s a sharp tool that feels like using a scissor
  • The blade tension is adjustable
  • The handle is well balanced
  • Great for small handes
  • Expensive


If you want to take your hedge trimming game up a notch, want sharp blades, and a small manual hedge shear that can give you precise and smooth cuts, the ARS HS-KR1000 is the tool to get.

5. Fiskars Power Lever 8-Inch Hedge Shears

Stop using a chainsaw to cut down tall reed grasses. That’s not how you suppose to trim them. Use a manual hedge shear like the Fiskars Power Lever Shears. Not only it will slice right through them, but it will also promote healthy growth, and it is environmentally friendly.

The advanced mechanics of this shear gives you three times more power on every cut. This patented gear technology provides you better leverage and allows you to achieve more on a single cut.

The blades are rust-resistant thanks to their low-friction coating that also aids in gliding through the wood. The handle is better than most other hedge shears in this price range. It gives you better control, more comfort, and a balanced feel.

  • Softgrip ergonomic handle
  • The low-friction coating on the blades
  • Patented gear technology
  • Don’t expect this to cut hard or fat branches


If you are on the hunt for medium-sized shear that won’t weigh much, has good balance, and comfortable grips, this one is a solid hedge trimming shear to buy.


6. Corona HS 3950 Extendable Hedge Shear

Corona HS 3950 Extendable Hedge Shear, 10-Inch Blade,Red


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These clippers from Corona are ideal for someone that is on a tight budget but still wants something solid without compromising sharpness or durability. Thanks to the extendable handles, you can easily reach every part of your bush without getting stabbed by prickles and thorns.

The blades are sharp and high-quality, and when extended, you will get a better reach. The construction is solid and is a little bit heavier than your ordinary garden variety shear because it’s made from solid metal.

The pivot bolts provide smooth cutting action, and the tension of the blades is adjustable. To further improve your cutting action, the steel handles are lightweight and feature a comfortable grip.

  • Extendable handle
  • Shock-absorbing bumpers
  • High-carbon steel blades
  • Slightly heavier


I don’t think you will be able to find a quality hedge cutting shear, and that is extendable and sharp like this one at a similar price point.

7. WilFiks Hedge Shears for Professional Gardening

WilFiks Hedge Shears for Professional Gardening and Landscaping - 25' Hedge Clippers with Carbon...

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This small cutting shear from WilFiks makes pruning, cutting, and trimming your bushes, shrubs, and branches are easy. It features carbon steel blades that are razor sharp and stays sharp for a long time.

These are hardened steel blades, which means they are tough enough to quickly slice through twigs and branches, making your landscaping healthier and prettier. In addition to that, the handle features a shock-absorbing design.

More on the handle, it is ergonomically designed and also features a comfortable non-slip grip for easy maneuverability. The blade tension is adjustable via the flower-shaped pivot bolt. This allows for tool-less tension adjustments on the go.

  • Ergonomic handle design
  • High-carbon steel blades
  • Non-slip grip handles
  • Might emit a strong plasticky smell


These shears will exceed your expectations. The tool has a well-balanced handle, and that will fit in your hands nicely and comfortably. The cut is much cleaner than power tools or electric trimmers at an affordable price.


Why Do You Need A Hedge Shear?

best hedge shears

A hedge shear is a must-have tool for any gardener in the never-ending battle against the uneven growth of shrubs. Without this tool, trimming the bushes in your garden would become a nightmare. This is a simple tool that can make all the difference in your garden.

A beautiful garden or lawn requires proper care and maintenance. You need to trim the hedges and brush off your plants regularly. A garden shear makes this task relatively easy and gets you on your way to creating a beautiful landscape. No garden will be truly complete without the use of this tool.

Different Types of Hedge Shears

Though the basic idea is quite similar, there are design differences in different types of shears. Because of this, their application may vary.

You need to understand the different kinds of hedge shears available, as it will help you make the smartest decision for your needs. Depending on the blade type, there are primarily two types of shears available. They are

  • Straight Blade

This is the classic blade type you can find in a hedge shear. As the name suggests, the blades in this type of shears have a straight edge and work similarly to that of a scissor. These types of devices are suitable for any lightweight jobs and are also easier to sharpen in a flash.

  • Wavy Blade

This type of shears features a blade that is curved to give it the shape of a wave. Compared to the smooth and clean sweep of a straight blade, you get a punchier action with a wavy shear.

These devices shine when it comes to working with thick foliage. Based on the handle type, there are two types of shears that you can find. They are

  • Normal Handle

This is the traditional form of a garden shear. They are cheap, reliable, and comes in a standard size and shape. Normal handles are suitable for most works in the garden and are also quite durable.

  • Telescoping Handle

This type of handle can be extended to allow you flexibility in the cutting length. They also feature a higher value of torque, which translates to a higher cutting power with low effort.

The setback with this type of hand is that they have the potential to get damaged if not handled with care.


How to Clean Hedge Shears?

Hedge shears don’t have it easy. More often than not the blades get sticky making it impossible to work with. But they don’t mind the hard work as long as you keep them squeaky clean. And here’s how you can do it-

Step 1: Soak/Rinse with water

Rinse your hedge shear with water as long as the surface soil is there. You could soak it too but rinsing is better in my opinion.

Step 2: Scrape the dirt and residue

Grab your putty knife or brush to scrape off the dirt and residue on the shears. While a lot of people suggest using a wire brush or steel wool, don’t go down that road unless you want to damage the blades.

Step 3: Wipe the blades with a solvent-soaked rag

The solvent choice is up to you. But there’s no need to go for a fancy one. Now, soak a rag in the solvent and wipe the blades until there’s no visible residue.

Step 4: Dry the blades, sterilize them, dry them again

Use a soft cloth to dry the hedge shear. Then, sterilize it with a rubbing solution for at least 30 seconds. Or, you could settle for a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water(1:9 ratio).


Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Hedge Shears

When it comes to choosing the perfect hedge shears, there are a lot of aspects to consider. If you want to get the highest quality from your budget, you should do proper research, which can get stressful.

To help with this daunting task, this section of the article will focus on the things that you need to consider when choosing the best hedge trimming shears.

Size and Weight

Using a garden shear for a prolonged period can get quite exhausting. Getting a heavy-duty pair might seem great at first, but when you use it regularly, it will get very tiring.

Similarly, if the size is too big, it will be difficult for you to handle and make you uncomfortable. The goal here is to find the perfect size and weight for your specific needs. Some models have aluminum handles that can offer some relief from the pressure.

You need to find the right balance between the size and the weight of the unit so that you do not need to worry about getting tired.


The blades in the shear is a vital part of the device and require your highest consideration.

You want the edges to be able to make cuts with the utmost precision. If the blades are not sharp enough, you need to invest a lot of time in the same section of the hedge, and nobody likes that.

There is a lot of variety when it comes to blades in the shear. The most popular type on the market is the straight blades because of their easy maintenance.

Another thing of note is the blade size. Typically, you would want your edges to be at least 9 inches. This would allow you to tackle most jobs easily.

Ease of Use

Getting a hedge shear that is easy to use will save a lot of hassles on your part. Working on the hedges for an extended period can get exhausting.

To make it easy on yourself, always test out a shear before you buy it. It needs to feel comfortable with you before you can commit to it.

Make sure that the shear comes with an excellent grip. If there is some sort of protection for your hands, that is always good.

Also, check if the operation of the blade is smooth. If you feel resistance when opening or closing the shear, then it would be difficult to handle for an extended time.

Cutting Capacity

Your choice of equipment should be based on the job and in this case, the size of the branches you will primarily deal with.

The cutting capacity of a hedge shear depends on two factors; the size of the handles and the sharpness of the blade. So, pay proper attention to this detail before committing to anything.

Most shears in the market are suitable for any lightweight jobs. If you are dealing with twigs of around ½ inch in diameter, you should be fine with anything.

But if there is a possibility of tackling larger branches, you might need additional tools. You can also find blades with a limb notch to help with this process.


Another important thing of note is the construction quality of the device. You do not want something that is flimsy and will break with a few months of use. The shear of your choosing should last you at least a good few years before showing any issues.

Avoid any cheap plastic shears. Even though they might seem like a reasonable, cost-effective solution, they will break after a few heavy uses.

In the end, it will just be money out of your pocket that could be spent getting a quality metal shear. Try to look for premium hardware in your choice of product.

If you are worried about the durability of a hedge shear and don’t want to spend too much money on a pruning saw, you might want to consider getting pruning loppers.

Replaceable Parts

Garden shears, no matter how durable they are, will wear out eventually. The blades might get dull, or the handles may get wobbly.

If that happens, you want to be able to find the replaceable parts quickly without too much trouble. That is why it is a wise choice to go for brands that have their parts ready to ship.


Whenever you are buying a product, you also need to look at your budget. It is a limiting factor in many cases, but it also helps you narrow down your choices. Even if you like a product that is out of your limit, you can wait for a sale or look for a secondhand device.

The price range of a hedge shear is quite flexible. If you are planning on mostly doing lightweight jobs, you can get away without spending a whole lot of money on the device and its accessories. So before going over the possibilities, give some thoughts on how much you are willing to spend realistically.


Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How thick can a hedge shear cut?

It depends on the size of the blade in the shear. The blade can range from 5 inches that focus on detailed cutting to as big as 26 inches, which are used for heavy-duty trimming. Typically, most hedge shears can cut branches of around 3/4 inches thickness.

#2. What do I need to sharpen my hedge shear at home?

It is natural for your hedge trimmer to show signs of wear over time. The most common sign of wearing is your blades getting dull. Even if you do not have a grinder, you can sharpen the blades by using a simple flat file.

#3. Do I need to lubricate my hedge shears?

Yes. To keep the device performing in the best condition; it is recommended to lubricate the blades using some oil before using it. It also resists the wax from the bush getting caught in the blades.

#4. Can I use a Chainsaw instead of hedge shears?

A chainsaw can work instead of a hedge shear. However, it is less controlled and efficient when it comes to cutting. If you are looking for precision, you cannot get it using a chainsaw.

#5. Can I use WD-40 as a lubricant?

WD-40 is a penetrating oil and will not serve well as a long-time lubricant.

#6. Can I use hedge shears to cut grass?

You can but you shouldn’t. Unless you want to tire out your hands with rapid, swinging movement, don’t do it. Moreover, hedge shears are not that lightweight when you think of using them to cut grass. If you must need a shear, go for a grass shear.


Final Thoughts

You can shear hedges with a lot of different tools. There are some power tools that are specifically designed for this job. However, when it comes to making sculptures out of your hedgerow, you need the best hedge shears for that personal touch.