5 Best Complete Grow Tent Kits Reviews 2022

Growing inside an indoor tent sounds sweet. But when you’re up to do so, it’s loads of hassle.

You’ve to take the tent right, set up the environment, light it up, ensure proper ventilation and lastly, plant the plants. And all these can be a mammoth task if you source all these items for individual sources.

To put an end to your struggle, choosing one of the best complete grow tent kits can be a real time-savior.

And that’s what we’ve done for you today in this post.

We’ve hand-picked 4 of the best complete grow tent kits from the market, and break down the features in details. Finally, we’ve backed the discussion up with a buyer’s guide.

Keep on reading, and hopefully, you’ll find the grow tent kit of your dream by the end.

Benefits of A Complete Grow Tent

While going through all these complete grow tent sets, a question might pop up into your mind- do I really need one of those?

That brings us straight to the benefits of owning a complete grow tent at once instead of purchasing each of the grow tent kits individually.

Right from here, we’ll explain those benefits right away-

It’s a 360 Solutions

Within a complete grow tent kit, you get to have the tent itself, the fans, the carbon filters, the setup essentials, and some more based on the brand.

Getting all those at one place serves in two ways. One- it saves up the expense. And two- it lessens up your hassle to seek them individually. You can rather focus more on the harvesting indeed.

100% Compatibility

If bought individually, there is a decent chance that you might end up with items that don’t fit each other. For beginners, this more likely to take place.

But as you know, all of the items within a tent kit complement each other in terms of size and fitting.

A handful of Ready Setup To Choose From

While browsing through the best grow tent kits, you might have found a number of models to offer a diverse range of sizes. Each of these is meant to be used in a definite volume and amount of yields. All you need to do is choose the right one based on your production demand.

Now, that’s something that you can’t easily expect to get with individually chosen items. Not without a hectic calculation process at least.

Top 5 Complete Grow Tent Kits Reviews 2022

Taking both of the usability and price-quality ratio, we’ve hand-picked 5 of the market’s best grow tent kits from a pile of 46. The followings are the unbiased, in-depth reviews of them-

1. TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit

TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit 300W LED Grow Light Kit Full-Spectrum Hydroponics 32'X32'X63'...


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The first pick on the list is TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit, and we’ve got several reasons for it. This kit is made out of a fine blend of a LED light, a decent grow tent, and a fan and filter combo. All these products are available in multiple sizes.

Let’s check out what it has got inside-

Right after unboxing the set, the first thing you’ll get to have is the grow tent. The standard one is 32″x32″x63″, along with a number of variations. It’s made of high-quality oxford cloth, with a waterproof diamond Mylar. The duty of this mylar is to increase the light reflection rate around the tent.

In the tent body, you’ll have multiple venting options for the filter/fan combo, and the zippers are made to be solid and protective. When in a full working mood, it will be virtually isolated from the surrounding.

Next on, we have the 300W-800W LED light. LED lights as you know, are quite efficient in terms of lightning, and there will be less heat production as well. No matter its herbs, cannabis, fruits, or vegetables, it will be the perfect source of light for your growing plants.

Ventilation and smell control are important for any grow system, and you can’t think of a complete grow tent kit without these. Therefore, this TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit has got a 4 inches fan and filter combo, where 6” versions are available as well.

Now, why having a fan-filter combo is a way better option than buying them individually? Well, the fan this set has got is 189CFM, which is significantly good. On the other hand, it takes up only a 101W, which will save up some electric bills of yours.

Moving from the fan to the filter, we found 10 inches by 7 inches carbon filter that will fight against smell buildup in the room. The activated carbon used in it is coarse and fine, which will trap more heat into them.

The zinc anodizes filter won’t wear or team for even years of use. Using a pre-filter will enhance its life even more! There is an aluminum foil ducting provided with the set to connect the fan/filter with the ducting system of your grow tent.

Overall, these four items will work as the four pillars for your grow system. You might have to buy additional setup and utility systems, but that won’t cost you a fortune we guess.

  • Comes with a tent, light, and fan/filter combo.
  • 32″x32″x63″ medium sized waterproof tent with 6 variations.
  • Heavy-duty zippers with venting options.
  • 300W-800W LED light with 120W of wattage.
  • A perfect light source for herbs, fruits, and vegetables.
  • 4″ inline fan with a high-quality carbon filter.
  • Contains setup accessories.
  • For bulk growing, the tent size seems less spacious.

2. TopoLite Grow Tent Room Complete Kit

TopoLite 24'x24'x48' Grow Tent Room + LED 300W Grow Light + 4' Carbon Filter Combo Grow Tent...


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One of the common complaints against grow tent kits are, they don’t seem to have the correct specs of every item you need. Sometimes, the tent is too narrow, and sometimes, the light is too powerful for your plants.

If you’ve been suffering from this same issue, the TopoLite Grow Tent Room Complete Kit is there for you.

Once again, we can’t help another Topolite product, because of the number of choices it has. We mean, you can select the LED light power from 300W to 800W. And there are two sizes of carbon filters available- 6 inches and 4 inches. And the number of grow tent choices is also many.

So, picking up the right combo of grow light, grow tent, and carbon filter/fan combo will be no hardship at all.

The design of the lights is of a full-spectrum type. In different stages of growth (germination, seedling, flowering, vegetating), this one light will be all you need.

Come to the carbon filter now. The coal used to prepare the activated carbon of this filter is pretty ground porous. Result? More smell trapping into the activated carbon bed. And the thickness is 1.5 inches.

The 4″/6″ fan is made in such a way that, you can set it with any carbon filter placement starting from inside the tent to outside the tent. So, if the tent is too small to house the filter inside, you have other options open as well.

The grow tent is made of high-quality oxford cloth, which happens to be the most renowned tent material ever. The insider portion is painted along with the rods to ensure maximum light reflection. Also, the zippered chains and vents will ensure the maximum durability of your tent system.

  • 300W-800W LED full spectrum light included.
  • 2x2x4 sized grow tent (with other options).
  • 96% reflective coating inside, even on the rods.
  • Made of light and heatproof 600D oxford cloth.
  • Comes with multiple vents and meshes.
  • 4″/6″ inline fan combo with a carbon filter.
  • 5 inches high-quality carbon filter for smell proofing.
  • The fan can be housed both inside and outside the tent.
  • Way too pricier than what it offers.

3. BloomGrow Indoor Grow Tent Complete Kit

BloomGrow 24''x24''x48'' Grow Tent + 4'' Inline Fan Filter Duct Combo + 300W LED Light + Hangers +...


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If you are interested in hydroponics to grow indoor, the BloomGrow complete hydroponic grow kits can be the next big thing for you. To start over your new grow system with the new setup, you can definitely keep this all-in-one kit on your shortlist.

Let us start with the list of items you’ll have in this set. Starting from the 2x2x4 grow tent, there is a 300W LED light, a 4″ inline fan and filter combo, grow light hangers, hygrometer, shears, timer, and a netter. The tent has a number of variations to choose from.

As long as both hydroponics and organic grow are concerned, these will meet every checkbox.

The tent is made of 600D Myler (with floor tray), which is 96% reflective against the light. There are metal corners from which you can hang up the lights with hoods. To let you have an insight into what’s going on inside, there is an observation window as well.

The next important part of the set is the light, which comes to be a 300W LED. The light is full-spectrum, so it can enlighten your tender plants in every step of the grow. With the given timer, you can set the light to exact cycles as well.

The inline fan is 4 inches in size, and that’s an exact match with the carbon filter. In the filter itself, you’ll have a 1.5 inches thick carbon layer, with a densely placed coarse activated carbon. Carbon filters have a tendency to get weaker over time, but this one has a good reputation in that case.

In the digital hygrometer, you’ll have an accurate and stable display of both temperature and humidity. The rope ratchet that it comes with, can hold up to 75 pounds, which is pretty extraordinary for such a small size grow system.

  • 600D oxford cloth made 2x2x4 grow tent. Sizes available.
  • Combined with strong rods and heavy-duty zippers.
  • The tent doesn’t leak light due to the double stitches.
  • 4” flanges of the fan and the carbon filter as well.
  • Zinc anodized steel housing mesh.
  • 300W full spectrum LED light.
  • Highly endurable carbon filter.
  • 4 inches(dia) double layer ducting of 25 feet.
  • Comes with a couple of clamps.
  • Thermometer, rods, connectors, tent cover provided.
  • In the whole array of products, there are some unnecessary items.

4. The Bud Grower Complete Indoor Grow Kit

TheBudGrower - Complete Solution - 150W HPS Grow Light - 24'x24'x60' Hydroponic 1680D Canvas Tent...


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The last pick of today’s list is a newly released grow tent kit by The Bud Grower. But already we’ve seen users express overwhelming experience with it. The main reason lies in its ‘Completeness’.

Wondering how? Let’s explain-

The Bud Grower Complete Indoor Grow Kit contains everything you need in a growing system, and we mean it. There is a 2x2x4 grow tent, a 150W HPS light, Hot soil (for indoor hydroponics), potting mix, 4″ inline fan with filter, and a speed controller for the fan.

You see, having such a combination in one grow tent kit is something that doesn’t happen every day. And that’s what drove us to pick this up for this list of best grow tent kit reviews.

The tent is 2x2x4, as we’ve already said. With the non-toxic design, it can create a healthy surround for your plants. The 150W HPS light might sound weak, but it can provide 17,500 lumens of light when you need it. So, 10 on 10 there.

The soil bag contains 5 pounds of hot soil, along with a Coco Loco potting mix.

Also, the fan is of 4″ inline type, where you’ll have a carbon filter of equal diameter. The fan-filter combo is able to take 200 cubic feet of air out in every minute. Now, that’s a serious number, right?

  • A complete grow tent set up with soil.
  • 2x2x4 high-quality Mylar hydrophobic tent.
  • 150W HPS light for up to 17500 lumens of light.
  • 4 inches inline fan with filter combo.
  • 5 pounds of hot soil with potting mix.
  • 200 CFM air extraction capacity.
  • The soil can’t be the obvious choice for everyone who needs a grow tent set.

5. Hongruilite Complete Grow Tent Kit

Hongruilite 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light + 36''x36''x72'' Grow Tent + 4' Inline Fan Carbon Air...


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This grow tent combo kit had been launched quite recently in the market. But the kind of value it offers for the money is quite unseen in even inventories of big-fish brands in this regime.

Growing under full-spectrum is the new trend as long as indoor gardening is concerned. On that note, you will get a full spectrum LED light in this set. Based on what size you choose; the power of the LED light might vary between 300W and 600W. But all of them will sport the same quality.

Moving on from the light to the tent itself, we find a 96% diamond mylar interior and 600D Oxford cloth exterior. Both are durable and made to seal the growing contour sealed from the external environmental factors.

The other significant thing you’d get in this pack is the activated carbon filter. Being 1.5” thick and 4” wide, this carbon filter layer is able to trap all the contaminants and sources of odors.

Size diversity plays a big role when it comes to picking up the right tent set for a grower. On that note, there are 7 options to choose from. Starting from the small 300W, 2×2 setup, the largest one happens to be a 600W, 3×3 tent set.

Unfortunately, there are no large setups to grow in bulk. All 6 options are addressed as small to medium grow tent set for amateur and non-professional growers. The tent material, the carbon filter, and the venting options are the same throughout the models available. Alongside, you’ll get silver flex ducting and ducting accessories with each of them.

  • Sizes range from 2×2 to 3×3, with 5 options in between.
  • 300W-600W full spectrum LED light.
  • 600D Oxford cloth tent exterior and diamond mylar interior.
  • A sealed, contoured environment with 96% light reflectiveness.
  • 4” charcoal based carbon filter provided.
  • Covers up plants of all growth stages.
  • Not the right suit for bulk growers.

Best Complete Grow Tent Kits Buyer’s Guide

Grow tent kits come with items that complement each other. Instead of buying those parts individually, you can just set them up right away.

That being said, there are still some buying factors that might help you in making the best choice. Let’s have a look-

What Items Does It Contain?

The regular items that a grow tent kit can contain are the grow tent itself, the light, the inline fan filter combo. Apart from these four, you can have a number of other kits in it, and it varies from model to model.

However, check out whether it contains any unnecessary products that you don’t need at all. That will save you some bucks.

Is It Customization while Buying?

There are some models that don’t come with that many sizes and power variations. But there are some grow tent kits, which give you a handful of choices. That’s almost like making your custom combo of the right grow tent size, grow light power, and grow fan power.

In case you’re growing under special circumstances, you might go for such customization.

Are The Light Okay with Your Plants?

One of the most important parts of the whole set is light. Most of the grow tent kits come with LED lights of 300W in power. And some other brings on HPS of 150W in power.

No matter whichever type you prefer, make it certain that it goes well on your growing plants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

#1. Do duct setup accessories and tools come up in a grow tent set?

Most of the time, yes. You will get duct clamps, hose clamps, etc along with the ducting. But no tools.

#2. How are the tent materials made to be light proof?

The tent interiors of good quality tents are made of 96%-99% reflective, shiny material on which light is likely to reflect.

#3. Do the ducting and carbon filters match each other with dimensions?

If you’re pointing at the diameter, it has to be an exact match.

#4. Can I get additional tent accessories along with a tent set?

If you are certain about the size compatibility, then yes, you can. But make sure that it’s from the same inventory.

#5. What kind of light options do these models have?

Usually, the most available light types within complete grow tent kits are LED and HPS.

#6. What is the primary consideration to choose the right size of a tent set?

There are two basic concerns in this regard. One is- the size of the area you’re growing on. And two- the expected amount of yield from the setup.

Bottom Line

Thanks for being till the very end of the best complete grow tent kits reviews. From our hand-picked 4 products, you should be able to make one final choice. But one last piece of advice from our side is to keep an eye on the price-quality ratio.